Song Challenge Day 3 (missed day)

So, here is the missed day that I was supposed to post yesterday, day 3.

The Rules:

  • Post a different song quote for 5 consecutive days.
  • Post what the song quote means to you (optional).
  • Post the song from which the quote is from.
  • Nominate 2 different bloggers every day of the challenge.

Day 3 Quote: 

“I’m a little dysfunctional, Don’t you know?
If you push me, It might be bad
Get a little emotional, Don’t you know?
You could fool around and make me mad
I’m a little dysfunctional, Don’t you know?
If you push me, It might be bad
Get a little emotional, Don’t you know?
Might fool around and make me mad
Don’t make me mad”

The Song:

Dysfunctional- Tech N9ne ft. Big Scoob & Krizz Kaliko

Feel free to click on the name of the song and listen to the song via youtube.

What the quote means to me:

I think it’s the fact that I’m a little dsyfunctional and pretty fucking emotional lol. This exact quote was sung by Krizz on the song. I don’t have a temper but my brain makes things worse (dysfunctional) then they need to be when in a heated situation (it might be bad). When people “fool around” with certain things, it pushes my buttons. I relate to a lot of Tech’s songs just cause they’re plain out not fucking normal, like me. Most people that I know don’t listen to Tech because it’s “weird”, to me it’s the most reasonable and sensible music I could listen to in my life. 

My Nominations:

  • All The Jazz
  • Betcha Didn’t Know

    So, that’s it for today’s song challenges. Have you heard this song before? What are your thoughts on this exact quote? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. alucardeverlasting · March 21, 2017

    Love that song. I agree, Tech’s music is definitely not within the range of “normal”. I think that’s why so many fans are getting pissy about Darrien Saffron and the recent songs being leaked from the Dominion Collab album. I personally don’t really like Darrien either, but Strange Music is a record label, they’re going to feature who they want. I don’t really see the point of whining about it. I whined about it in the beginning lol.

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · March 21, 2017

      Lmao I agree, it’s a record label, they’re gonna put whoever they feel on a song these days. Andddd omg girl stoppp I’ve only heard a few of his songs and noooo. I heard the first two lyrics, I’m good. Whoevers gonna bring in money, is gonna get signed and nowadays the craziest shit be making mad money.

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      • alucardeverlasting · March 21, 2017

        Lmao yo that’s how I felt. Where the fuck did he come from anyway? And then he came out with that song “Ignorance” trying to appeal to all of the fans of Strange by talking about how “oh, the radio only wants me to sing about women and money and sex” . . . but in the songs he made before that, all he had been singing about was women and money and sex. So I’m like, you a two faced motherfucker, ain’t you? Lmao. If he ever comes on tour with Tech, I’m going to have a major problem.

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        • yourenotaloneinthisworld · March 22, 2017

          Idefk where he came from. The only person that’s like who the fuck in strange music is that chick that’s bein doin songs with tech, I ain’t gonna lie I’ve been liking the vibe in the songs she does. Which is unusual for me to like a female singer. Lmfao the first song I heard him sing was about bitches n money😂😂. I wanna see Tech tho for real.


  2. Betcha didn't know! · March 20, 2017

    I haven’t heard it before, so I’m going to listen😊.

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