A-Z Challenge: Anxiety

A is for Anxiety. One simple little letter can make me feel so fucking small. If you too “suffer” with anxiety than you probably understand what I mean by that saying. Seriously, how can something so small feel so big in my life? I feel my anxiety has control over the things I dont do and the things I hold myself back from doing. I hate anxiety, especially social anxiety. 

I feel like the world is starting to change their aspect on social anxiety, but not all the way. The stigma is fully alive and I wish I could a part of ending the stigma! 

I’m here on behalf of all people who have social anxiety, we’re normal, you’re not, that’s what makes us freak out. Don’t look at me like I’m about to throw up because you have no idea. You have no idea how it is to be 22 and can’t walk into the grocery store with your fiancé. 

When asked why you don’t do things you literally have to reply with “idk” because how the fuck do you explain something you can’t even understand yourself? 

To all the people who have anxiety, you’re totally not alone. I understand how it is to loose your friends over constantly canceling, stop getting invited places because you constantly say no, having to know all exits when entering a store at all times. It’s overwhelming. A day for shopping is like a day in prison just in my mind prison. 

So if you have anxiety, hold on cause it’s a roller coaster throughout life of this shit. Kalonopin helps, a lot, but so does marijuana, so hit a bowl and bing watch that YouTube, I know I am lol. 

✌🏼I’m so excited to be apart of the A-Z Challenge!



  1. SleepyVet · April 2

    As someone who suffers from anxiety, thank you for this blog. It’s not that we choose to be introverted rather we fear being isolated. It’s hard to explain that feeling when you’re surrounded by a mass of people and your brain is going a hundred miles an hour.

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  2. rugby843 · April 1

    I adore this post. That line, were normal, you’re not was hilarious. I think all of us have anxiety at some point. Good wishes on the challenge!💐


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