C is for Comfort.

Yesterday I missed my day for the A-Z Challenge.

C- is for Comfort. I can’t speak for all people with mental health “issues” but I can speak for myself. When I’m having “one of those days” or having a panic attack, I’m needing comfort immediately after. I need that someone there to tell me it’s ok, because my word isn’t enough for my brain to comprehend and fully understand. If that makes sense even.

Whether it’s my fiancé holding onto me and being there through every meltdown and panic attack. My dog hugging me and licking my tears away when I’m in a state of depression. Food and Binge watching Netflix for hours upon hours. Whatever kind of comfort it is, I feel I’m always needing.

Do you feel this way sometimes after a manic episode or state of depression? I know I do, I rely a lot on other things (not necessarily people) to “comfort” me.

I need to learn to comfort myself for times my fiancé, dog, food and Netflix aren’t around to help me, lol.

I feel a lot of my days explaining myself I’m just rambling on and on because I can’t even fully understand wtf I’m trying to say. So thank you for holdin on with me through this challenge. 😂



  1. rugby843 · April 5, 2017

    I feel for your situation. I wish you luck.💞

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