D is for Depression. 

Depression. One word so crazily misunderstood inside my head. I’m aware of when I’m depressed, I’m aware of how it feels, but I’m just now sure why I’m depressed at said time.

Depression is confusing and can be messy, especially when other people are involved. When I’m “depressed” a lot of things can trigger me to just flip the switch, no matter who is around. Hence the messiness, things can be said that aren’t meant to be said, etc.

Depression hits me at odd times, usually when things are starting to look up in my life. My brain tends to tell me “you’re gonna fuck up” and I literally feel my brain convinces myself to fuck up. I feel my depression is caused a lot by things I’ve done/said and afterward, I’m confused as to why I said/did that thing.

Sleep/Music- gets me through a lot of “depression states”.

So, what get’s you through your depression?




  1. Tikeetha T · April 10

    Gospel music.

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  2. J-Dub · April 5

    Music works for me.

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