What’s Next? 

A friend of mine has been going through some shit. If you’re familiar with the Angry Grandpa Show or Kidbehindacamera on YouTube then you’ve probably heard of Tina (the neighbor) before.

Tina is a friend and legitimate honest human being. Threats have been made towards her and HER SON!

She has a gofundme to try and help her get the money she needs in order to take everyone to court that is harassing her family.

If you don’t have to donate, I please just ask you go and read a little more about her situation on her gofundme. If you’re a YouTube, you probably already know who Tina is. She did a lot of videos on the Angry Grandpa Show, and should have the respect she deserves.

I’m trying to help a friend and spread the word! Please help out our girl Tina!

I made sure to message her last night and make sure this was ok for me to put on my blog, and she agreed it was fine!

Check it out and please help if you can