M is for Marijuana

The one medication I don’t mind taking. The one that actually feels it helps with my anxiety and opens me up to feel more comfortable around strangers. I’ve been smoking Marijuana for over 6 years straight now and I’m sure people think I’m “burnt out”. I’ll admit, I’ve lost some brain cells LMFAO, but I’m 100% more myself when “on” Marijuana.

Are you one of those people that don’t understand how Marijuana can help certain people, health wise? Two words, Charlotte’s Web. Please please please look this strain of Marijuana up. It’s a special strain made specifically for a little girl name Charlotte.  I won’t speak much about it, but I beg you to look it up.

Do you smoke Marijuana to help with certain Mental Health Problems that you may have? I know I sure as hell do and I stand up for it, I’m a proud stoner. It’s a lifestyle and if you can’t handle living a normal functioning life while being a pothead, then good luck.

If you look at Marijuana as you do Crack or Heroin, I apologize for how you must look at me.

Do ya research, it helps me and I know it helps many many people around the world.



  1. ibizagoldgirl · April 16, 2017

    Good for you! I don’t smoke but I applaud the benefits and believe in them

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  2. rugby843 · April 15, 2017

    When I couldn’t get a scrip for Fentanyl any more, I considered it.

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · April 15, 2017

      Sadly marijuana is starting to get laced with Fentanyl. I haven’t came across any but there’s been an overdose from it. People gotta ruin everything!


      • rugby843 · April 15, 2017

        Fentanyl may well be a good pain reliever in a controlled hospital situation, but my experience was getting scripts from a government controlled, and I use the term loosely, “pain clinic” in the hospital, the “doctor” was at his desk, back turned and scribbled and handed it to you, never acknowledging your presence.

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  3. kountrymama2012 · April 15, 2017

    You asked for a prescribed marijuana??

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · April 15, 2017

      Once there is a dispensary around here, then yes. Lol but as of right now, my meds come from a baggie.


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