Should I Sue? 

Never has something in my life gotten so out of hand that I felt I needed to sue a company. Idc about money and that has nothing to do with it, it’s the principle of the fact. 

Three nights ago Nikki and I went to our local Sheetz, the one we literally go to EVERDAY. It was about 1am and we were coming home from out of town after spending one amazing day together. 

As I’m sitting there, two big bitches come up outta the store giggling and saying “man we’re going to jail tonight!” I literally thought nothing of it and shrugged it off. 

Next comes out my beautiful girlfriend. Gets in the car shaking all over and explaining we need to get the fuck outta there. I of course, “no wtf happened?” First, you gotta know Nikki. She don’t put up with shit from people and people don’t get her down. I mean she worked at a maximum security prison with death row inmates and didn’t flinch. 

But this night I could tell something was seriously wrong. Once I became irate that she wouldn’t explain. I looked over and saw tears running down my fiancés face. I then became worried like wtf happened? 

Well…2 50 year old men (Redneck fucks) was literally bucking at her and circling her “wanna dress like a dude? Get hit like a dude”, “Fucking dick”, “what even are you? A female or a male?” “Your what’s wrong with this world”. 

NOT ONE FUCKING WORKER SAID A DAMN THING! THEY ALL LOOKED AT THEIR FUCKING FEET AND DID NOTHING. Nikki said if she would have spoken up for herself, she woulda been making news channels for being a lesbian beat the fuck down by two grown ass men. Wtf is a 29 year old female gonna do to two big ass Redneck mother fuckers? 

I apologize for my language on this post but I’ve never been so damn mad in my life. 

I called the store that night and said “um excuse me but my fiancé was just in there and is a FEMALE and was being harassed, threatened and ganged up on in your store and not ONE employee said shit, instead your manager walked into the back room?” 

Their response? “Sorry, we have a gift card with her name on it”. 

A gift card? How about a fucking apologize? The worst part, every coworker there knows us, and has a problem with gay people. Idc your gender, race, age, sexual orientation, GET THE FUCK OVER IT, we all live in the same world.

I called corporate office of Sheetz. “Omg I’m so sorry, we’re LGBTQ friendly and this is not acceptable. Our head store manager is going to come to your area and view the tapes to see what we can do about this. We’ll be in contact with you, here is your case #”. 

It’s been 3 days, nothing from corporate. I’m seriously considering suing Sheetz. 

ITS TIME FOR THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY TO BE TREATED LIKE FUCKING HUMANS. Nikki didn’t open her mouth to these dudes, not once! And they didn’t stop?! They kept going. 

Do you get your rocks off by making a FEMALE feel like this? By spitting in a WOMANS direction and telling her she can get hit like a man? Aren’t you a Billy badass that needs your ass handed to you. 

Let me know what you think I should do. 

I at least want the LGBTQ community to know that Sheetz in Corriganville MD, Sheetz store #167, is a racist and homophobic store 100%. Don’t fucking go there if you’re EVER in this area. The coworkers sure as hell aren’t gonna stand up for you if something is happening in their store. 

Never been so mad in my life. Never been so disappointed in my town, in the people I’m surrounded by. We need outta like town and now. 



  1. Tikeetha T · April 17, 2017

    OMG. I’m so sorry this happened to you. They were obvious idiots. I would give corporate a week to respond. If no response. Write a letter mentioning everything and tweet it out. Post it everywhere and have everyone share it. That’s unacceptable that the store manager didn’t say anything. People are so dang ignorant. I remember going out with a friend of mine who was transgender one night and we had to get gas. He asked me to stand outside with him while he pumped gas because people are so homophobic and he was afraid for his life. My heart broke. We were both in our early twenties, but I told him that I would always have his back like he’s had my back. You should never ever be afraid to go anywhere and then be harassed by simple minded people. Hugs to you both.

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · April 17, 2017

      Thank you Tikeetha! You’re an awesome religious woman with an open mind! Sadly our town has became so much more racist and homophobic over the past couple years it’s insane. I can’t believe the close minded people that are still on this world. Thank you!!

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      • Tikeetha T · April 17, 2017

        I know, but we can’t give in to words. We have to use the system to our benefit. It’s ridiculous that in 2017 someone would be willing to slur homophobic BS, but I tell you that you can’t entertain the monkey show. The war is bigger than this battle. Give them time to respond and follow up with written communication. Trust me. Hit them in their pockets. Take photos of the fools and post them on social media. You have a whole world of people that are and will stand behind you. We got you.

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  2. alucardeverlasting · April 16, 2017

    Yooooooooo FUCK that!! I’d harass the shit out of that company in any way possible. I dont care if the workers there have something against the lgbt community, they WORK there, they’re at the very least supposed to get rid of people who are threatening or looking like theyre threatening one of their customers! They didn’t even do that! I dont know anything about lawyers or the law or sueing, if thats possible fucking do it. All i know is……a fucking gift card? They can shove that up their ass!!!

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · April 16, 2017

      Lmfao exactlyyyy. This made Nikki giggle. She said the same exact shit, they can shove it up their ass. I literally sat on hold for an hour before corporate office would even take my complaint. I was irate, I still am honestly.


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