April 2017 Cannabox Review:

Hey Everybody!

Our Cannabox finally came in the mail today and I’m super excited to share with ya’ll what we got!

So, Cannabox does a different “theme” each month, so each month is different which is awesome. This month’s theme was a 420 Special Edition “Wake & Bake” box!

The package that comes in the mail has the Cannabox logo on the side and your shipping information on the top of course, pretty discrete.

Now as soon as we open the box, you can see the 420 Limited Edition “Wake & Bake” card. The front of the card has some directions to win a $75 Amazon Gift Card, and the back of the Card has a list of everything that is included in the box! 

img_7407-1So, here is the box! AHHHH let me just tell you, this box is totally worth the $25 a month! The t-shirt and glass piece alone are worth over $25.

In the box: 

img_7415First, XXL Royal Blunts Chicken & Waffles! Lmfao, they taste pretty nasty rolling them, but I’mma be honest they didn’t taste that bad when being smoked.

img_7413Next, Juicy Jay Maple Syrup Hemp Papers. They got cute little maple leafs all over the papers. Not too sure on how they taste, will let ya’ll  know!

Next, there’s a tin case “stash case” to put your belonging into. It says “Amsterdam Come party with us!” “WhereEverythingg Is Legal”, when you open it up it has an “If Found Please Return To” card, lol like someone would actually fill that out. The paper included in the box says this is a replica of the 1920’s cigarette cases from Amsterdam, so that’s pretty sweet.

img_7409Cap’n Kush DabPadz. Love this, these can be found online $15-$20, you can use these to sit your glass pieces down on, so it’s not so hard on your glass!

img_7410The glass piece in this month’s box is the donut bowl! It packs on the opposite side and has a cannabox sticker on the bottom as well! These alone can cost up to $40 when found at headshops, that’s over the box’s price alone! This exact one is a limited piece by cannabox though, so if you got this months box, yay!

img_7416Next is the t-shirt, which every Cannabox now comes with! I loveee this shirt, it says 420 in numeral numbers. This was a perfect shirt for Aprils box, I’m actually wearing the shirt now lmfao.


  1. Flammin Hot Cheetos, yesss thank youuu
  2. I Love Cannabis & Coffee Starbucks Sticker. OMG It’s not pictured because it’s already on our surround sound in our living room:)



If ya’ll are interested in getting one of these boxes, let me know I have a coupon that ya’ll can use for your first box! If you’ve already gotten a Cannabox, let me know how it was! I’m super impressed with my first subscription box and I can’t wait to see what May’s theme is going to be!

If you guys are interested in watching Nikki and I do an unboxing of our 420 Special Edition Box, you can check it out: Here On Our YouTube Channel

If you’re wanting to see more reviews and subscription boxes, let me know which ones you think we’d like in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel!