Social Media? 

I’ve been against it for so many years! 

With that being said, I made an Instagram account? It’s going to be for this blog only, pictures of inspirational quotes, photos of things I take pictures of, reviews like the cannabox, etc. 

I mainly decided to start doing more with you guys via social media because my blog is running out of space and time it feels like but I’ve also connected with a lot of y’all on here! I’d like to continue and share my daily photos and so one with y’all without being told I’m running out of space lol. 

I’d really like if some of y’all would follow me! The name is “yourenotaloneinthisworld” I hope y’all can find me! Nikki and I are actually getting ready to go out of town so I’ll be posting on there! 

I look forward to following y’all back! 


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  1. shopgirlanonymous · April 25, 2017

    Welcome! 🙂

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