long time no write…

Hello to whoever is reading this! I’m writing this to explain why I haven’t been writing like at all lately. I’m currently in the process of upgrading my WordPress account so I’m able to write more and add more photos/vidoes.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten pretty active with social media and I’d love to have ya’ll follow me on any social media you might have! So, come see what I’ve been up to!!

My Instagram User Name is, yourenotaloneinthisworld. (no period though lol) Make sure you follow so I can follow you back! My Instagram is for ages 21+ due to paraphernalia images. Here you’ll mainly find all things Cannabis related. I sometimes share Mental Health quotes and drawings that I’ve done.

My Pinterest User Name is, yourenotalonein. Make sure to also follow either all boards or the boards you’re most interested in! My Pinterest has boards particularly for ages 21+ due to drug paraphernalia images. Here you can find boards for Mental Health Quotes, Schizophrenia Quotes, Anxiety Quotes, Depression Quotes, Inspiring Images, Alien/Conspiracy Theory Articles, Photos from around the world, My Dreams, My BucketList, OffGrid Articles, DIY Projects, Drawing Ideas, Marijuana Articles, Glass Pieces, Food Ideas, and more!

My YouTube Account is, HippieWhizFamily. Make sure to subscribe and I’ll definitely subscribe back! Here you will find videos of our everyday life, unboxing videos, and soon to come our skydiving video! So far there is only one unboxing video on here for April, but May is coming!

So, what all Social Medias do you have? If you’re comfortable giving out your social media information, leave some links in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them out!

The Shocking Reality of Mental Health Stigma

“In the past years, Western countries had open discussion about homophobia, sexism, or racism – so when are we finally going to have the mental health talk?”

When I was sixteen years old, I decided to go on an exchange year abroad. What I thought would be a wonderful experience turned out to be the toughest, but undeniably the most enriching time of my life.

Upon coming to England, my fantasy of a fun year abroad was shattered. I did not do well in my A-levels. I could not make friends. I had conflicts with my host family. I experienced my first break-up, a true tragedy for any teenager. The stress was too intense for a sixteen-year-old me. However, I pretended as everything was fine – I did not want to be the weak one. But the suppression did not work for long. The stress manifested itself into something I…

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The Big Surprise!

Join the Chronic Illness Community and speak up!

I highly recommend taking a few minutes of your day to head over to It’s Yet Another Blogger’s page and check out what she is doing here. I promise it’s worth the read and worth the 3 minutes taken from your day!

ChechTrail Repost.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only conspiracy theory freak out there. I believe in chemtrails and weather control 100%. I honestly don’t know how you couldn’t with all the literal proof right in front of our eyes. Do a little research on it, and let me know what you think about weather control via chemtrails.

I’m one of those people that don’t trust the government at all, no matter what country I would live in, I still wouldn’t trust the government. I don’t believe they’re here to help their people, to protect their country, or even give a flying fuck about the people of their country.

So, if I don’t believe governments are good, why wouldn’t I believe they do harmful things behind our backs? To me, I’d love for the whole truth and nothing but the truth about EVERYTHING the government has done and seen since they’ve been keeping us in our “blind box” of stupidity.

Check out the video I found today while scrolling through my feed by clicking on the link below.

“This is a rare video of 3 chemtrails jets taken by a fourth jet keeping pace from above and behind

via EPIC VIDEO: 3 Chemtrails Tankers Filmed From Above | Air-To-Air — Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 3, Catch Up Day.

Hey everyone, sorry I have been super busy trying to prove to myself that I can do this full-time job thing:)

I’ll have another post about how my first day went with that here in a little while.

First things first, let’s get caught up on these challenges, shall we?

Day 3: “Meaning of my business name”. 

I technically don’t have a business name myself, but I work for a business, so I’ll use that. The company that I work for is not something I really discuss on here, like the name of the company or anything but if you know of the site, you’ll know it by this hint probably. The meaning of my companies name is all about listing and spinning. 🙂 

Guess you’ll never get where I work or what type of company I work for…if you guess it correctly I’ll be amazed. 

Day 4: “Earliest Childhood Memory”. 

I’ve answered this one before in a different challenge so this time the answer will be different. One of my favorite childhood memories is fishing with my dad, it’s probably one of the earliest fishing memories I have. I was like 3 maybe 4, IDK I was really little. My dad and I would go fishing every morning during the weekends, and we’d spend all day until it was time for super. My dad and I would always have a competition, who could catch the most fish, I was use to not winning since my dad was a hell of a fisherman. But that one day, I remember that one day that I beat him by like 4 fish! I was pulling one catfish in after another, and there he was with 2 tiny little sunnies he had to throw back in. I was in my glory, I had all of them hanging on my string walking back to daddy’s truck, I couldn’t wait to show these to mom. When we got home, I remember mom was outside working in her garden, I grabbed my fish and ran up to her “dancing fish, dancing fish” (yes if you’ve seen that’s so raven, you should know dancing iguana…). Well, my mom just had a field day, she was hysterically screaming and running around the yard, as I chased behind her with my gooey fingers and a dead fish flapping around as I ran. My dad sat and cracked up, then it was time for us to skin and gut the fish for dinner that night. This is one of my favorite memories with both of my parents, I don’t have many. 

What’s your business name mean? Can you guess what business I work for? How about earliest memory or even better, favorite childhood memory? C’mon spill them beans.