Great Photo Share that I saw and had to share right away. I agree with this post more than anything, this is a very inspiring quote we should all put into consideration.

I use to be such a quitter, but I’ve changed that. It feels better, not being a quitter, not being the one that ruins everyone’s fun because I can’t do this or can’t do that.

Be like Nike, and Just Do It.

via Sunday Motivation — It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Last Post For Tuesday Art Blog Share! 

Through Danielle’s Eyes had a post today with some photographs that I thought would be perfect for my last “Tuesday Art Share”.  So thank you Danielle for letting me use your photography art for my last Art Post! 

If you have a few moments, please click on the blue links to check out her page. She shares inspirational things, photography, and much more. Her page is definitely worth a read, and a follow. 


Tuesday Art Share! 

Finally found some art from other bloggers to go ahead and share! 

This art was posted and created by Lunafay18, you can see all of her amazing photoshop edits by going clicking the link and going to her original page! 

Just a sneak preview of the kind of Photoshop she works with, 

If you have a moment or are inspired to start doing some photoshop yourself, go on over to her page by clicking the blue link and take a look!! 

If you’d like me to share any of your art, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to share next Tuesday for the Art Share! 


Tuesday Art Share

This week has been really busy! I really haven’t done much drawing, just a few doodles here and there! 

I got a new metallic marker and really wanted to try it so I did a few doodles. 

Art can be so many things, if you have any art you’d like me to share,’please let me know in the comments below! 


Tuesday ArtWork! 

My finished Marine Corps canvas. Did this for a client wanting it done for a man cave. Represents the Marine Corps and Jack Daniels! 

This is the only artwork I’ve done this week, this canvas took me forever to do! 

My next upcoming art projects: 

Broncos Football Canvas, minus the glitter. 
Mermaid in a mason jar project! You can find this DIY easily on Pinterest! 

Fairy Wings DIY, perfect for a fall project, once all the “wings” fall from the pine tress! 

Denver Broncos Bottle Cap Opener, Collector! Excited to get this done before football really kicks in! 

Mason Jar Piggy Banks! 

Jack and Coke, little present ideas to get done before the holidays/birthdays come up! 

Have any art you’d like me to share? Let me know in the comments below for next Tuesday’s art share! 


August Random Wants! 

Every month I go ahead and make a list of random wants that I would really like to buy by the end of the month! It never happens, but hey, maybe one day! 🙂 
Really want this mug! “I don’t like Morning People. Or mornings. Or people.” Lol sums me up pretty good! 

“I solemnly swear, that I am up to no good” hoodie! Found online for $30 some. Not too bad! 

Wifey/Wifey pillows! Really want to get for Nikki and I 🙂 

Some new tapestry for the ceiling! How awesome would it be took see this every morning n night before bed! Ah, I’d love it! 

This dress I so want! Found online for $36.00! Could probably find it cheaper online if I searched hard enough! 

Some new yoga pants, a must! I still have yet to replace the pair I had on when I was in my car accident last year. The EMT crew had to cut them to get to my leg where it was broken:( 

New candle for my candle obsession! I have too many candles, and not enough rooms in my house! 

New boots are a must before this fall! This pair is almost $200 which I would never pay for shoes! I could definitely find just as cute ones for about $30-$60 which is still too much for shoes if you ask me! 

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Pallete! 

Jeffree Star Lipstick! Love these! 

Do you have any of these items on my list of wants? If so, let me know how you like or dislike the product! 


Tuesday Art Share:) 

I’ve actually been working on a few art projects this week so have some new art to show:) 

I’m actually going to make an etsy page to start selling some canvases. If you’d be interested in any of them, please let me know in the comments below! I can pretty much draw anything besides portraits of people, still working on them! 

The finished mandala that someone wanted for their new house! They loved it even though I was upset about messing up a little in the circle. They didnt want it redone though! 

Now I’m working on this canvas for her glam room/makeup room. There will be lips drawn on at bottom 

Here’s the finished product! Lol:) 

Not yet finished Marine Corps symbol! 

If you have any drawings that you’d like me to share, go ahead and leave a link to your wordpress! 


Saturday Me Day. 

Since I didn’t get to do my post for Friday, I’ll do that one here! 

So, Friday Pin Points! “What I did this week, pictures if I have any, how I’m doing mentally, how my blog is doing, etc.” 

I didn’t do too much this week but I actually did do a few things! 

I’ll share the pictures I have of this week on my phone! 

Nikki and I helped our friends move into their first apartment together! It was actually a very big anxiety test for me. They moved into a big complex building where a lot of people share the same hallways, I passed a lot of strangers and instantly got nervous. I ended up staying in the apartment putting away groceries while Nikki and our friend Ky got all the other stuff! 

Found out that my cousin who’s the mommy to this beautiful little boy, is having another little boy! He’s due December 2016, we’re really excited for her

The deer that live up in the back yard had a baby! She has two now following her around in the yard ever morning and late evening. Our neighbor has an apple tree so their constantly over there getting some apples. We sit and watch them play catch and all with the apples, they really aren’t use to people but don’t run when you keep your distance, you can get a good photo! This little one still had his/her spots:) ​

​Played “Pokemon Go” downtown. Nikkis cousin Jess was there, that’s what we’re yelling lol. We couldn’t get over how many people where actually sitting around late as shit just playing this game! Our town is tiny, so 50/60 people hanging out in one spot is like woah! 

Got a new candle, hasn’t released yet but it’s amazing. “Pumpkin French Toast”, from Bath and Body. When their fall collection comes out, I highly recommend trying this one, if you’re a candle free like me! I love the 3 wick candles from Bath & Body. They’re a little pricey at $22.50 but you can usually get a good deal when buying more than one, and they last so long!

Caught two new Pokemons in Hagerstown when I went to my doctors appointment for my medicine to be changed, again! Will talk more on my mental health update. 

Nikki kidnapped my snapchat and left me some cute snaps:) She always knows how to cheer me up on my bad days:) 

Had Jynx and Joplin inside for their inside playtime. They’re in love with boxes! Jynx is first picture(Nikkis), Joplin (mine) is second! 

Had the best 4 year anniversary with Nikki:) Had dinner at her moms since we did dinner together for our anniversary days before in Pittsburgh! Then came home and spent the night Netflix and cuddles:) 

Saw some cool looks moths outside our friend Verns house. She’s technically Nikkis cousins but she’s more of a friend as well since we’re all around each other’s age. ​

MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: I’ve been doing pretty off, my voices have been pretty loud these past few weeks. My anxiety is doing amazing, but that’s all. My schizophrenia isn’t getting worse just getting louder, like before I got put onto Saphris in 2012. I went to my doctor about it and he upped my dosage to a pretty good amount, hopefully this helps. I need to keep working on “taking my pill same time, every day same time!!”. The paranoia is just as high, not anxiety paranoia but voices/visuals paranoia. 

Blog Info: yourenotaloneinthisworld has been booming this week with highly hourly views, 10 new followers, and a lot of likes! I also have a challenge to do that was nominated by Making Time For Me. Will post that for my next Saturday Me Time Next Post while I’m working:)

Hope your week went good! If not, keep your head high! 


Yesterday and Today! 

Last Night was pretty awesome, went up to the highest mountain we have around here and took some pics and did some rock climbing! the wind got pretty intense lol. 

Kylie and Kalyn. 

Kylie and Kalyn. 

Me and Nikki:) 

Me and Nikki again:) 

The town, so far down!! 

We was as high as the cellphone towers! 

Side of the mountain:) 

The moon seemed so close! 

The towns again. 

Some of the graffiti amazed me, like how?! 

First time we went here 4 years ago, we took a pic like this lol. 

Here you can see the platform where you’re supposed to stand. 

Out on the rocks, the moon was so pretty.

Literally was so close! 

Today: Art. 

Back ground? Complete! 

Praxtice before the real thing! 


What Short Stories Would You Rather Me Start Sharing First? 

  1. Short story about a young couple who find away off earth and struggle to find life on other planets, adapting to new life around them, meeting new things…surviving. 
  2. Short story about a young girl who travels into the woods thinking she can survive off of her own instincts and gut feelings. 
  3. Short story of another realm, close to ours but so far away. A realm that shares the same earth as us, just a different time/deminsom, walking side by side with us. And only a young girl can see both realms. 

Each short story will be filled with imagination and drawings done by me. 

You pick, which one first!