long time no write…

Hello to whoever is reading this! I’m writing this to explain why I haven’t been writing like at all lately. I’m currently in the process of upgrading my WordPress account so I’m able to write more and add more photos/vidoes.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten pretty active with social media and I’d love to have ya’ll follow me on any social media you might have! So, come see what I’ve been up to!!

My Instagram User Name is, yourenotaloneinthisworld. (no period though lol) Make sure you follow so I can follow you back! My Instagram is for ages 21+ due to paraphernalia images. Here you’ll mainly find all things Cannabis related. I sometimes share Mental Health quotes and drawings that I’ve done.

My Pinterest User Name is, yourenotalonein. Make sure to also follow either all boards or the boards you’re most interested in! My Pinterest has boards particularly for ages 21+ due to drug paraphernalia images. Here you can find boards for Mental Health Quotes, Schizophrenia Quotes, Anxiety Quotes, Depression Quotes, Inspiring Images, Alien/Conspiracy Theory Articles, Photos from around the world, My Dreams, My BucketList, OffGrid Articles, DIY Projects, Drawing Ideas, Marijuana Articles, Glass Pieces, Food Ideas, and more!

My YouTube Account is, HippieWhizFamily. Make sure to subscribe and I’ll definitely subscribe back! Here you will find videos of our everyday life, unboxing videos, and soon to come our skydiving video! So far there is only one unboxing video on here for April, but May is coming!

So, what all Social Medias do you have? If you’re comfortable giving out your social media information, leave some links in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them out!

31 Day Challenge: Day 19.

Day 19: My Worst Habits:

Honestly, I have a lot of “habits” that some I consider bad and other I don’t but I feel that some people would think they are, so I’ll include them as well.

I just gotta add this in here:Bad Habits Bad Habits

  1. Number One on this list is most definitely Camel Menthols, I’ve been smoking cigarettes now for 8 consecutive years now and I’m only 22. I believe this will be my number one health problem as I get older. It’s time to quit now. I also agree that this is a bad habit that no one should ever start. 
  2. Number Two is biting my nails and skin around my nails. I do this a lot, and badly. I’m constantly having blood around my nails and going to the bathroom to get it off because I’m constantly biting on my fingers, even if there are no nails left. I agree this is a bad habit but it’s an anxiety coping skill that I found works for me, I haven’t stopped ever since. 
  3. Numba Three, cracking my fingers, back, toes, neck, knees. I crack literally everything including my ankles. I agree that it’s a bad habit as it makes your knuckles massive and can cause hand problems apparently but I can’t stop. I have literally tried multiple times to quit doing it. I feel like the more years you do it, it hurts to stop? My fingers feel cramped and unusable if they’re not freshly cracked. 
  4. Four, biting the inside of my cheeks. I’ve been doing this since I can remember, to be honest, it’s another anxiety coping skill that I found works for me when in a heated situation. It’s so bad, my volleyball coach had to have a “talk” with my volleyball team when I was in high school. She said “look, I know half of you don’t want to be here, but I am your coach and what I say, you respect. I see a lot of lip biting coming from over there Cyerra, if you have something to say, please say it”. I literally said, “um, I bite my cheeks because I have anxiety and you’re making me anxious as hell”. She never assumed I was pissed again, lol. 
  5. I’m going to have to name one of my favorite things, and I’m only listing this because many people see it as a habit, I do not on the other hand as it’s a choice and not something I technically “need”. Marijuana, the plant from our maker given to us for so many fucking reasons and we criminalize it. LMFAO. Weed helps me, a lot, and in many different ways. It helps my social anxiety…a lot, spark up a bowl or bong and you’ll have me talking all night long. I’ve been smoking ganj every day now for the past 5 consecutive years. It helps my “head situations” more and quicker than any medication that I’ve been on by my doctor. A lot of people look at stoners as these lazy potheads, I’m not a lazy pothead, I just a hippie soul at heart and the ganj makes my soul come alive:) If you’re confused on wtf I’m talking about, Marijuana, Weed, Ganja, Ganj, Cannabis, Loud, whatever the fuck ya’ll wanna call it. I’ve done a lot of drugs in my lifetime and I
    personally don’t consider marijuana a drug, I look at is as I do my medicine. Actually, I look at my medicine as worse for me in the long run than I do my meds. Willie Nelson sure as hell looks pretty damn healthy to me at his age, his secret? Mary Jane! So, if you’re one of those people that find this to be a bad habit, I must have a lot of bad habits then lol. I’m all for weed coming legalized and for recreational use, there’s more to weed then just smoking and getting high. If you don’t believe me, look up the strain of marijuana called “Charlottes Web“, it was named after a child, you’ll understand once you read about it. So to all my fellow stoners, hippies, potheads out there; make the people wrong, show that we can be productive people and potheads at the same damn time. We can work a full-time job, come home put on some comfy clothes and smoke a damn bowl, eat, and go to bed. If that’s an addiction, we see things differently. 
  6. Lastly, road rage. I have road rage and I have it bad. I can’t stand people that don’t know how to use a turning lane, people that don’t know how to use their blinkers, people that don’t know how to go the fucking speed limit, and people that “go around” cars. I do a lot of yelling when I’m driving, I don’t know why but I feel really anxious and just annoyed when driving around our town. There’s this huge strip of road that brings you into my town that’s about 5 miles long, just a long strip up the mountains with a creek on one side and trees on the other, the speed limit is 50mph. I swear to god you would think it was 40mph some days and the next you’d think it was 70mph because of a number of jackasses that cross the double yellow line to go around me. I had a family member pass away by “going around someone, I don’t agree with doing this, especially during the daytime, can’t see the headlights coming your way. 

So, what’re your bad habits? Do we have any of the same ones? On a personal note, how do you personally feel about habit number 5? I’d like to hear people’s thoughts and comments on today’s challenge as it’s an interesting topic.

Let me know in the comments below.

This Week Was Bloggin Week:)

Ah, this week I kept up with my blogging at least once a day. I consider that pretty good since I almost completely stopped blogging altogether, needless to say, my meds are back on track!

This week, I gained 12 new followers, and also gained some new countries to my list!

So, let’s see how well this week was for YoureNotAloneInThisWorld.

Countries This Week To View:

  • The United States came in first with 98 views.
  • The United Kingdom came in second with 23 views.
  • India came in with 9 views which are actually a decrease for India.
  • Kenya came in with 6 views which are actually an increase for Kenya.
  • Australia came in with 6 views.
  • Nigeria came in with 5 views.
  • Canada came in with only 4 views, a major decrease from Canada.
  • Ireland came in with 4 views this week.
  • The Philippines came in
  • Germany came in with a whopping 2 views.
  • Brunei (new country!) came with 2 views, hello new followers!
  • Indonesia came in with another 2 views.
  • Morocco (another new country!) came in with 1 view, hello new follower!
  • Belgium also coming in this week with 1 view.
  • Switzerland, also with 1 view.
  • Malaysia with 1 view.
  • South Africa is the last country and came in with 1 view.

So, Brunei and Morocco are the two new countries I found on my stats this morning. I always love seeing new countries pop up, especially ones I really know NOTHING about, just like these two. So let’s do some research, shall we?

Brunei, a country in Asia. Ok, I’m going to be 100% honest, I’ve never heard of this place. Thank You to whomever you are for following me so I could learn more about this culture!

“Brunei is a tiny nation on the island of Borneo, in two distinct sections surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea. It’s known for its beaches and biodiverse rainforest, much of it protected within reserves. The capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is home to the opulent Jame’Asr Hasssanil Bolkiah mosque and it’s 29 golden domes. The capital’s massive Istana Nurul Iman palace is the residence of Brunei’s ruling sultan.”—wikipedia

With some of the research I did on Brunei, I can say I definitely want to visit Jerudong Park Playground if I were to ever visit! Amusement Park! The food looks like stuff I would definitely enjoy eating, I see a lot of seafood in the photos I’m looking at.

If I did this translation correctly, you’ll be able to read this whomever is in Brunei:

“Hello, terima kasih kerana mengikuti blog saya!”

Morocco, a country in North Africa. I’ve heard of this country before but I honestly couldn’t tell you where it’s located or anything about its culture or people.

“Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. Marrakesh’s medina, a mazelike medieval quarter, offers entertainment in its Djemaa el-Fna square and souks (marketplaces) selling ceramics, jewelry, and metal lanterns. The capital Rabat’s Kasbah of the Udayas is a 12th-century royal fort overlooking the water.” –Quick Facts

If I were to visit Morocco, I would love to see the Jemaa el Fna, it looks like a “farmers market” type deal but so much more creative and festive looking. It is said to offer a unique concentration of traditions, such as tales of storytellers, traditional medicine, and various forms of entertainment as well as commercial activities. This sounds like a nice night to me! Jemaa el Fna

I’d also want to stop by the Bahia Palace and look at the beautiful art this place has to offer. It’s in Marrakesh, Morocco and it seems beautiful. The mountains as well, oh my how I would love to hike those mountains! Bahia Palace

Hopefully, this translation is correct, you’ll be able to read this whoever is in Morocco!

“مرحبا، شكرا لكم لمتابعة بلدي بلوق!”

The New Followers This Week:

  1. mmolly01
  2. Thoughts and WordsThoughts and Words
  3. beurownlight
  4. Laura from “Riddle From The Middle”
  5. AMothersLove
  6. alonelyraven
  7. Suyash Chopra
  8. Sascha Darlington
  9. Angel Rose
  10. Ann Koplow
  11. Airen Petalbert
  12. definingeuphoria

The last 3 people aren’t tagged because my computer is not allowing me to tag the last three for some odd reason. So if you’re one of the last three, please leave a link to your blog in the comments below. And if you’re on this list feel free to comment on here explaining what your blog is about for others to see if they’d like to come join on!

I hope everyone’s week has gone great and it’s finally Sunday! I work now every day besides Tuesday and Wednesday’s so I’m kind of all over the place right now trying to make a habit out of getting up at 7 am, taking meds regularly on time. Which by the way I’m getting really good at remembering. You’d think after taking meds for more than 7 years, I’d have it down pat by now, hahhahaha no. If you have a child with a mental illness, do NOT wake them up and bring them their pills in bed every morning. MAKE THEM DO IT THEIRSELVES. My mom ALWAYS brought me my meds, I never had to fool with them, that was a mistake. Once I moved out I went a whole 6 months with no medication before I admitted to needing them back in my life. Make your kid have a responsibility since this is something we’ll have to do for the rest of our lives and sadly, our parents won’t be around forever to give us the exact amount of meds at the exact time every day.

I’m out for right now! Gotta head back to work and see if anyone needs assistance:) Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday and hopefully ya’ll have better weather than we’ve been having lately. Snow storm after snow storm, it’s just fucking lovely.


Is something I’ve fallen in love with. I know a lot of people tell me how confusing Pinterest can be. Please give it a try and see what all wonderful things you can find. 

On my page alone you can find almost 15 different topics and tons of inspirational quotes, boards for mental health, cooking, makeup ideas, hair ideas, Aliens, etc. 

so please! If you have a Pinterest, leave your info in the comment below and I’ll be sure to stumble on over! 


Things you can find 

on my Pinterest! I’m really starting to become addicted and really want to share my boards with everyone. 

Here are alll the boards I have available on my Pinterest:

Makeup board with all Inspirational makeup, name brand and drug store makeup ideas. Products I love and want to try. 
I have an obsession with jewelry especially necklaces and rings. Here are all potential pieces of jewelry I’d want. 
I have wanderlust fever and constantly looking for new places to travel too. This is my list of every place I would travel if I had the money 😂. 
My Dream board. My Dream is to have a tiny house on wheels or a camper van remodeled into a tiny house and travel the world. This will happen one day.
A little yoga/meditation inspiration couldn’t kill ya. Learn some new yoga moves, how to keep your chakras aligned, and quotes to lead by. 
This board is simply for everyone with a mental health issue that needs a pick me up. Beautiful and inspiring quotes about mental health. 
My funny board, where all Humor can be found. I have a weird sense of humor so beware! Haha 
Bedroom Ideas all for my room. This is for when we move and i can make the room more “me” and turn into my relaxation spot. 
This board contains all tattoos that I will hopefully have in the future. 
All DIY projects in one board. Holidays, Gifts, Decor, etc. 
Thirstay Thursdays is a board dedicated to mix drinks and good alcoholic recipes.
This board is mainly anything I take in as art. 
Bedrooms Turned Relaxation Spot is my kind of “bedroom inspiration”. I love when people turn their bedrooms into a relaxation center, a place to reconnect with their inner self.
For all the wicked hair ideas I have and want, all in one board:) 
This board contains mainly everything i stumble upon that I really want to own. 
I’m not a dress wearing type of girl but doesn’t mean I don’t know cute dresses when I see one. This board is for all dresses I’d wear. 

This is my Marijuana board. Has funny stoner memes, statistics on how marijuana can help some users, and overall some nice nug shots. 
This board is for Social Anxiety / Anxiety and that’s it. Has some inspirational quotes, some funny quotes for people with anxiety, and some pick me ups! 
Inspirational quotes about life, is simply that. Everyone needs to take a moment and read some inspirational shit before feeling very inspired. This board can help. 
A board of all the clothing I own or clothes that I want. If I were rich, this would be my closet. 
I collect bongs, bowls, bubblers, gravities, etc. I like to see what kinds are out there! 
A board dedicated to all the TV shows that I’m highly addicted too. 
A board strictly about depression. Inspirational post, memes, stress leveling steps, more. 
A board strictly for Schizophrenia. Inspiration quotes, memes, topics to help understand further more about schizophrenia, audio clips and more. 
My obsession with Aliens. All conspiracy theories, alien artifacts, or anything conspiracy wise that I believe in, will be found here. 
When the day comes that I win the lottery or somehow get supper kardashian rich. This would be my want list. 
Since I work from home I need some office ideas for my tiny little office at home. This board has awesome ideas for organizing, decor and set up. 
All the country roads that bring you To my tiny little back woods town. All of these places I have been too. 
A board simply for inspirational quotes in songs. Songs that are my favorite, artists that are my favorite, etc. 
I don’t know about you but I love me some monthly subscriptions. This board includes tons of subscriptions you can check out for yourself! 

Things that will be nice to know down the long run. Whether it be how to jump a car or how to defrost windows. 
Not all of us are ok with visiting a doctor and taking prescribed drugs. Here is a board simply for herbal medications and remedies. 
Adult gifts for those hard to buy for adults in the faimly. Most of these are DIY projects as well! 
I still have yet to figure how to add my link onto WordPress from my cellphone. I’ll be sure to add that once I’m off work and can use computer for personal usage. 

For those of you who know very much about Pinterest you may be able to follow me by looking up some info so I’ll provide you with a photo of my page. If you’re unable to find me, please leave me a link or your name to search in the comments below. I’d love to see some of your guys’ ideas and comments on some of my pins! 

Can’t wait for this week to be over. This has been the most stressful 2 weeks of my life and it’s caused me to slack on Blogging. No more slacking, promise. 


Saturday Humor (since I missed Friday) 

Since I missed my Friday Humor, and that usually gets a big hit for my blog, I figured I’d go ahead and do a Saturday Humor! I’ve been so behind since all the anxiety for Nikkis graduation it was a little hard to consentrate on much, lol. 

So let’s take a look at some things to give us a smile to start off our Saturdays! 

Off to work now:) 

Hope these made someone smile! Which is your favorite? 


Friday Humor😂😂

A little something to get a smile on our face:) My Friday is starting off pretty eh, I woke up feeling even sicker than yesterday, and a cough from hell. I really need to go get my eyebrows done today when Nikki gets her hair cut. 

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of these pictures I found on Pinterest that gave me a good giggle. Now remember, my humor is different than most, don’t take offensive to any of this; it’s simply humor. 



Lmfao never even thought of it! 

Yes! My kid would be gettin Icecream for days! 
OMG I wanna do this. 

My hair!!!! 

Lmfao I can see Nikki doin this shit. 

Omg, dumb ass. 

Yesssss hahaha! 

Omg me, I can not walk in heels, they’re hell. 

Bahaha again, me. 

Omg this meme had me dyin. 

Yes!!! Someone please do this to their parent! 

😂😂spot on! 

Ahhhh this just makes me want Popeyes. 

Accurate AF. 

Bahahahahahahaha when I say I want to travel the world. 


Yes! Having mine now:) 

Bahaha so glad I’m done ping exams forever! 

Yes, 100%. 


You spin me right round baby right round when we go down down, omg screw this meme! 

My face everytime I see a damn spider. 

Only in Amerika! 

I’m sorry I laughed too hard. 

I wanna drop one just to have this facing the opening of the fridge. 

Bahahahahahahaha:) yes! 

Selfie Stick? Nah movie stick bitch! 

Lmfao I hate Monday simply because Nikki doesn’t sleep in with me:( 

Cancel that shit! Literally. 

Omg I’d go over to the table and push it back to the center. 

Cover squirrel:) 

Bahaha reminds me of my moms dog, falls for it everytime. 

I was 95% under the table at restaurants when I was a kid. I would purposely get the inside seat of the booth so I had to crawl under the table and would “use the bathroom” every ten minutes. 

My mother!!! 



Yes! Pizza💚


I deff would of asked for some health! 

Silence you peasant! 

Yesssss! Love this lil girl! 

Omg if I saw this, I’d do it. 

Omg if cops weren’t so quick to shoot these days, I’d so do this!! 

Fucked up, I know. 


Bahaha this is one I actually did and screen shotted. Another one I did myself. 

One I found online. 

Photosynthesis, duh. 

Yes! Omg yes! Or their little high heels! 

Bahaha me. 

Love this! 

Bahaha mustard,lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion. 

Lmfao, I’d die. 

Yes, we need to be pandas! 

Omg I could so see myself doing this. Poor child prob hates the toy section now! 

Me today. 

Lmfao never thought of this

Bahaha people crack me up! 

Duh…dumb question?! 

I’d kill him. 

Nah this is me when someone is going 25 in a 40. 

Bahaha shoulda put a ring on it, I’m no one to talk. My phone has no cool ringtone and is on silent a lot. 


I don’t remember them being this terrifying, I watched them in black n white. 


Omg I wanna do this! 

Well played FYE well played:) 

I wanna do this! 

Is this place real? 


Omg I wanna do this! 

Yes it really does tho. 

Bahaha run baby run! 

Accurate AF. ?!?!?!?!

Smart ass kid. 


Yes! Too cute! 

Love this sense of humor! Bahaha accurate af! 

I’d die lol. 

Idk wtf were gonna do! 

I wanna try this mown yes omg so ew! 

Lmfao accurate. 

Yes! Someone please do this! 

Bahaha hello!! 

Donald effin Trump. 

Bahahahahahahaha! Here ya go Donald! 😂😂😂me! 

I hope these made you smile a little, which one was your favorite ones? Thanks!