New Ideas

So a new hair salon opened up down the street in our tiny little town. This time it’s not 70 year olds sitting under the hair dryer and only doing perms. This is an updated more “hip” beauty salon. I’ve decided I’m going to make an appointment and get a dye job. 

Here are my two options that I currently have to choose from: a- purple and grey 

B- black blue and grey. 
Which one do you think I should get done? A or B? Let me know in the comments below:) 



Is something I’ve fallen in love with. I know a lot of people tell me how confusing Pinterest can be. Please give it a try and see what all wonderful things you can find. 

On my page alone you can find almost 15 different topics and tons of inspirational quotes, boards for mental health, cooking, makeup ideas, hair ideas, Aliens, etc. 

so please! If you have a Pinterest, leave your info in the comment below and I’ll be sure to stumble on over! 


Things you can find 

on my Pinterest! I’m really starting to become addicted and really want to share my boards with everyone. 

Here are alll the boards I have available on my Pinterest:

Makeup board with all Inspirational makeup, name brand and drug store makeup ideas. Products I love and want to try. 
I have an obsession with jewelry especially necklaces and rings. Here are all potential pieces of jewelry I’d want. 
I have wanderlust fever and constantly looking for new places to travel too. This is my list of every place I would travel if I had the money 😂. 
My Dream board. My Dream is to have a tiny house on wheels or a camper van remodeled into a tiny house and travel the world. This will happen one day.
A little yoga/meditation inspiration couldn’t kill ya. Learn some new yoga moves, how to keep your chakras aligned, and quotes to lead by. 
This board is simply for everyone with a mental health issue that needs a pick me up. Beautiful and inspiring quotes about mental health. 
My funny board, where all Humor can be found. I have a weird sense of humor so beware! Haha 
Bedroom Ideas all for my room. This is for when we move and i can make the room more “me” and turn into my relaxation spot. 
This board contains all tattoos that I will hopefully have in the future. 
All DIY projects in one board. Holidays, Gifts, Decor, etc. 
Thirstay Thursdays is a board dedicated to mix drinks and good alcoholic recipes.
This board is mainly anything I take in as art. 
Bedrooms Turned Relaxation Spot is my kind of “bedroom inspiration”. I love when people turn their bedrooms into a relaxation center, a place to reconnect with their inner self.
For all the wicked hair ideas I have and want, all in one board:) 
This board contains mainly everything i stumble upon that I really want to own. 
I’m not a dress wearing type of girl but doesn’t mean I don’t know cute dresses when I see one. This board is for all dresses I’d wear. 

This is my Marijuana board. Has funny stoner memes, statistics on how marijuana can help some users, and overall some nice nug shots. 
This board is for Social Anxiety / Anxiety and that’s it. Has some inspirational quotes, some funny quotes for people with anxiety, and some pick me ups! 
Inspirational quotes about life, is simply that. Everyone needs to take a moment and read some inspirational shit before feeling very inspired. This board can help. 
A board of all the clothing I own or clothes that I want. If I were rich, this would be my closet. 
I collect bongs, bowls, bubblers, gravities, etc. I like to see what kinds are out there! 
A board dedicated to all the TV shows that I’m highly addicted too. 
A board strictly about depression. Inspirational post, memes, stress leveling steps, more. 
A board strictly for Schizophrenia. Inspiration quotes, memes, topics to help understand further more about schizophrenia, audio clips and more. 
My obsession with Aliens. All conspiracy theories, alien artifacts, or anything conspiracy wise that I believe in, will be found here. 
When the day comes that I win the lottery or somehow get supper kardashian rich. This would be my want list. 
Since I work from home I need some office ideas for my tiny little office at home. This board has awesome ideas for organizing, decor and set up. 
All the country roads that bring you To my tiny little back woods town. All of these places I have been too. 
A board simply for inspirational quotes in songs. Songs that are my favorite, artists that are my favorite, etc. 
I don’t know about you but I love me some monthly subscriptions. This board includes tons of subscriptions you can check out for yourself! 

Things that will be nice to know down the long run. Whether it be how to jump a car or how to defrost windows. 
Not all of us are ok with visiting a doctor and taking prescribed drugs. Here is a board simply for herbal medications and remedies. 
Adult gifts for those hard to buy for adults in the faimly. Most of these are DIY projects as well! 
I still have yet to figure how to add my link onto WordPress from my cellphone. I’ll be sure to add that once I’m off work and can use computer for personal usage. 

For those of you who know very much about Pinterest you may be able to follow me by looking up some info so I’ll provide you with a photo of my page. If you’re unable to find me, please leave me a link or your name to search in the comments below. I’d love to see some of your guys’ ideas and comments on some of my pins! 

Can’t wait for this week to be over. This has been the most stressful 2 weeks of my life and it’s caused me to slack on Blogging. No more slacking, promise. 


First Makeup Product Review. 

I’ve been given the chance to do a makeup review on this new mascara. I’ll be honest, I was little iffy about this product at first just because of how cheap it was, $1 USD! 

It comes in a cute all black box with a pink cat outline and says “max volume mascara”. When I opened the box, I seen the top of the mascara and noticed it has cute little cat ears, the mascara tube was a cat itself as well. Of course it had an adorable pink bow tie to match with the pink lettering. When you first open the mascara cap, you can easily see there are so many spikes on the brush to catch all your eyelashes. 


These are my eyes before I did my mascara. Right here I only have primer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner on. 

After: Here is the after effect of this new mascara! I naturally have very long eye lashes and most mascaras clump them all together (even with an eyelash brush). This is the best mascara I have used in years, I’m not kidding. And yes, it was only $1 on (use the app, much easier). I will say, the mascara took about 3 weeks to get here, but it’s perfect! 

For the price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

The Quality: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Waterproof: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

*this is not a paid review. this is an honest review done by c at yourenotaloneinthisworld**

September Buys, Wants and DIYS! 

Since September is here and already 3 days in, I’ve done some shopping (which I’m very proud of myself for). 

As usual I always do a “random wants” at the beginning of every new month. 

This is where I’ll post random things that I want to buy during this month. I put want as want because most likely I don’t get them lol. 

Fortunately I do have a few items I’ve bought so far this month that I’ll also be adding on to here. Hopefully each month I’ll have something to show that I actually bought while going into a mall!! 

Enough of this…lets start! 

“September Random Wants”

Flowing plain long sleeve dress. Maybe turtle neck, scarf n some boots? But this dress is definitely on my monthly want list! I love long sleeve dresses for fall! This is more of a beginning of fall type of dress since some parts are mesh type. Large oversized sweater. A must for fall and football! Turtle neck oversized sweater! Sweater Poncho! I want this specific one! Dark grey vest for over a flannel. Summer top but with a fall cardigan and boots! White converse, since my dog ate mine. Perfect for fall and football season! Converse boots. A definite must by October. BOOTS!!! I love these leg warmers that add a little touch to some jeans n boots for the fall! Realllllyyy want this blanket scarf before winter! New beanies, a must for fall. Mermaid blanket. This is like the 3rd month for this to be on my want list but hey, I want it. Shower Speaker! My iPhone just isn’t loud enough to hear over the water! Omg yes Harry Potter mug! Want💚just because this is me 99.9% dream catcher and healing stone necklace. Found on etsy! 

September Crafts: 

I never know what to do with my glass containers from Bath n Body after my candle is all gone, well here ya go!! Mason Jar DIY project. Cleaning on pumpkins, drilling holes for designs, candle or battery operated lights! Dollar Tree DIY for fall! Pretty simple steps! 

Now for the kiddies! Thought this was adorable! 

My September Buys and Reviews So Far: 

The Infiniti Pro by Conair. Definitely an amazing hair straightener for $25.00 at Walmart. I usually don’t pick Conair when looking for hair products but I’m so glad I got this one. It came with a heat protecting case for you to sit it in while it heats up. Total plus. Goes all the way up to 425 degrees! Perfectly straightens my crazy wavy hair. 5/5 for you glen cocoa! L’OREAl Sleek It Iron Straigh Heatspray. This is a 5/5 on a hair product scale! I’m definitely buying more of this when I run out. Not only does it feel amazing after straightening  my hair but it also smells awesome! 
Do you have any of these random wants that I want? If so, do you like or dislike it? 

If you do any of these DIYS please let me know! 


August Random Wants! 

Every month I go ahead and make a list of random wants that I would really like to buy by the end of the month! It never happens, but hey, maybe one day! 🙂 
Really want this mug! “I don’t like Morning People. Or mornings. Or people.” Lol sums me up pretty good! 

“I solemnly swear, that I am up to no good” hoodie! Found online for $30 some. Not too bad! 

Wifey/Wifey pillows! Really want to get for Nikki and I 🙂 

Some new tapestry for the ceiling! How awesome would it be took see this every morning n night before bed! Ah, I’d love it! 

This dress I so want! Found online for $36.00! Could probably find it cheaper online if I searched hard enough! 

Some new yoga pants, a must! I still have yet to replace the pair I had on when I was in my car accident last year. The EMT crew had to cut them to get to my leg where it was broken:( 

New candle for my candle obsession! I have too many candles, and not enough rooms in my house! 

New boots are a must before this fall! This pair is almost $200 which I would never pay for shoes! I could definitely find just as cute ones for about $30-$60 which is still too much for shoes if you ask me! 

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Pallete! 

Jeffree Star Lipstick! Love these! 

Do you have any of these items on my list of wants? If so, let me know how you like or dislike the product! 


Writting:Blogging Challenge: Day 15

Day 15; If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 
I’d say either a frog or a turtle. I have a big heart when it comes to both of these little things:) I think I’d rather be a turtle, having a shell (my home) always on my back, no matter were I go. I could always pop my head inside and escape reality for a little bit. I wouldn’t be the fastest thing on the planet, but that’s okay, I’m a “go with the flow” kind of person anyway. 

So definitely I’m gonna say Turtle🐢


Blogger Recognition Award! 

Thank you to B.G. over at Getting Through Anxiety! She nominated me for this award a while back, and I’m just now catching up on awards! Thank you again! If you’re not already following B.G, definitely go give her page a view!


  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two advice to new bloggers.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and prove a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.


Why did I start writing this blog?

I began writing this blog because it was suggest by my therapist to blog about my anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. At first, I was hesitant to share any information about myself and my “mental health problems”.  I honestly never thought that I’d be able to find myself being comfortable and connecting to strangers from around the world.

I also didn’t really expect to find so many people suffering from the same exact things I suffer from. Getting my blog and continuing to write and read others posts, has really helped me come out of my “shell” here on WordPress. I’ve gotten over the fear and posted pictures of the real me, I gave the first letter of my name, C:)

I’m really content with the way WordPress Bloggers have helped me. Reading some of your posts, that you probably think no one cares about, I can relate to…it really helps me.

I continue to write in my blog everyday and continue to comment and read others posts is because “why stop something that’s helping me?” It’s a little different than a diary, you know someone is reading it, you know it may be helping someone. I can go back and read the days that were difficult for me, and realize how stronger I have become since starting this blog:)


Advice for new bloggers: 

  1. Don’t care about who’s reading your posts. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 views or 1000 views. Writing how you feel and the honest truth about how you feel, is going to help you in the long run. I never care if one of my posts that took me hours to write only has 2 views and the post that took me literally 3 minutes to write has 100 views. Those 2 views on that long insane post about how awful your day has gone, you may have really helped those 2 views. Every time I see someone like one of my more sad post, I hope I helped them, I hope they could relate. Also, when I first got my blog I was so worried about being judged! Trust me, no one on here is judging you, not in the mental health corner at least! We’re all on here for a reason, whether it’s to vent, make friends, or seek help, we’re all here for each other!
  2. Be yourself! Write about something, you’d like to write about. Not what others want you to write about, not what is going to get the most views, and not what is going to make others happy. This is YOUR blog, and it can be about anything YOU want it too! Don’t be worried about who/what is going to read  your blog, be open, be yourself, and most of all be comfortable with your blog and your followers!


My Nominees (in no order):

  1. Sparkle&Shine: Writes about Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle.
  2. Moonlight Psychology: Writes about psychology, therapy, workshops,tips, news and videos.
  3. Tabbi:
  4. It’s just me, Josie.: Writes about mental health problems and life.
  5. PixieCake: Writes about her life, and more!
  6. Musings of An Insomniac.: “Late night thoughts of a fool”
  7. Reinventing My Creative Mind.: “Carving out space for creativity-one day at a time”
  8. Starrlet: writes about all kinds of things, definitely worth a read.
  9. Imperfection is Beauty: writes about a lot including art, mental health, and more.
  10. I Am My Own Island:“Because we all need to find a way to live with ourselves”
  11. Making Time For Me: “I am a wife, and mother. Just trying to handle the day to day, while working on myself from the inside out.”
  12. Bibliophile: Writes about a lot of different things, worth a read!
  13. Emily Mae: Honest Reviews and More!
  14. Happy Alexx: amazing writer, writes about mainly everything, definitely worth a read!




February Photo A Day Challenge! Day 25!! 

  Today’s challenge is “green”, my favorite color! I’m actually sick today and still in bed, so my “green pictures” will be green photos from Google!!! Since green is my favorite colors I’m going to post all my favorite things in green! 
  I love being lost in the forest and looking up and seeing nothing but trees over top and the sunshine poking through the branches! 

  I love snakes, this one is just gorgeous. I’ve held one similar that was all yellow though, never green. 

  Marijuana Field . 

  I love frogs lol! 

  Oliver Queen from The Arrow! What comes to mind when green was read lol. 

  What I plan on doing for Saint Pattys Day! 

✌🏽️🤘🏼🖖🏽 hope everyone is having a good day and I’m sorry I haven’t been on today!  

Product Reviews. 

Today I actually have a few product reviews to do! Which I’m pretty excited about!

  The first one is “Avon Eye Dimensions” in Neutral Haze. I was seriously impressed with this eye shadow. It goes on easily, and doesn’t come off until you clean your face. I purchased this off of myself since I am an Avon Representative, and coudlnt believe how it worked! This is not a cheaply made eye shadow! 
 Secondly, I got a “Crease Brush” from Avon. Also purchased off myself. I was not expecting a high quality brush for $4.99 but I was wrong! The only reason I’m throwing this into the product review is because I have a crease brush from Sephora, that does not compare to this Avon brush!!! $4.99 you can’t beat it!! 

  Thirdly, hands down the best tweezers I’ve used! They’re also from Avon and purchased through me. Definitely not a cheaply made tweezer! Gets those nasty little under skin hairs so easily!!! 
 Lastly for my Avon Bundle is “Avon Super Extend” liquid eyeliner. I’m obsessed with eye liner and constantly trying to find the best one! This is definitely going on my list of top 3! This eyeliner stays on for so long! Hard to smear, and easy to apply a straight line! I’m in love with this eyeliner!!! 

  Lastly is NYX “matte Lipstick” shade is a burnt purple/red. I hate lipstick and can never pull it off but NYX has amazing shades and matte lipstick!!

If you’d be interested in buying any of these products, let me know in the comments. Especially the Avon products, I can help sell the items to you and find you good deals. 

All of these reviews where done by me, no money was made off of these reviews.