Things you can find 

on my Pinterest! I’m really starting to become addicted and really want to share my boards with everyone. 

Here are alll the boards I have available on my Pinterest:

Makeup board with all Inspirational makeup, name brand and drug store makeup ideas. Products I love and want to try. 
I have an obsession with jewelry especially necklaces and rings. Here are all potential pieces of jewelry I’d want. 
I have wanderlust fever and constantly looking for new places to travel too. This is my list of every place I would travel if I had the money 😂. 
My Dream board. My Dream is to have a tiny house on wheels or a camper van remodeled into a tiny house and travel the world. This will happen one day.
A little yoga/meditation inspiration couldn’t kill ya. Learn some new yoga moves, how to keep your chakras aligned, and quotes to lead by. 
This board is simply for everyone with a mental health issue that needs a pick me up. Beautiful and inspiring quotes about mental health. 
My funny board, where all Humor can be found. I have a weird sense of humor so beware! Haha 
Bedroom Ideas all for my room. This is for when we move and i can make the room more “me” and turn into my relaxation spot. 
This board contains all tattoos that I will hopefully have in the future. 
All DIY projects in one board. Holidays, Gifts, Decor, etc. 
Thirstay Thursdays is a board dedicated to mix drinks and good alcoholic recipes.
This board is mainly anything I take in as art. 
Bedrooms Turned Relaxation Spot is my kind of “bedroom inspiration”. I love when people turn their bedrooms into a relaxation center, a place to reconnect with their inner self.
For all the wicked hair ideas I have and want, all in one board:) 
This board contains mainly everything i stumble upon that I really want to own. 
I’m not a dress wearing type of girl but doesn’t mean I don’t know cute dresses when I see one. This board is for all dresses I’d wear. 

This is my Marijuana board. Has funny stoner memes, statistics on how marijuana can help some users, and overall some nice nug shots. 
This board is for Social Anxiety / Anxiety and that’s it. Has some inspirational quotes, some funny quotes for people with anxiety, and some pick me ups! 
Inspirational quotes about life, is simply that. Everyone needs to take a moment and read some inspirational shit before feeling very inspired. This board can help. 
A board of all the clothing I own or clothes that I want. If I were rich, this would be my closet. 
I collect bongs, bowls, bubblers, gravities, etc. I like to see what kinds are out there! 
A board dedicated to all the TV shows that I’m highly addicted too. 
A board strictly about depression. Inspirational post, memes, stress leveling steps, more. 
A board strictly for Schizophrenia. Inspiration quotes, memes, topics to help understand further more about schizophrenia, audio clips and more. 
My obsession with Aliens. All conspiracy theories, alien artifacts, or anything conspiracy wise that I believe in, will be found here. 
When the day comes that I win the lottery or somehow get supper kardashian rich. This would be my want list. 
Since I work from home I need some office ideas for my tiny little office at home. This board has awesome ideas for organizing, decor and set up. 
All the country roads that bring you To my tiny little back woods town. All of these places I have been too. 
A board simply for inspirational quotes in songs. Songs that are my favorite, artists that are my favorite, etc. 
I don’t know about you but I love me some monthly subscriptions. This board includes tons of subscriptions you can check out for yourself! 

Things that will be nice to know down the long run. Whether it be how to jump a car or how to defrost windows. 
Not all of us are ok with visiting a doctor and taking prescribed drugs. Here is a board simply for herbal medications and remedies. 
Adult gifts for those hard to buy for adults in the faimly. Most of these are DIY projects as well! 
I still have yet to figure how to add my link onto WordPress from my cellphone. I’ll be sure to add that once I’m off work and can use computer for personal usage. 

For those of you who know very much about Pinterest you may be able to follow me by looking up some info so I’ll provide you with a photo of my page. If you’re unable to find me, please leave me a link or your name to search in the comments below. I’d love to see some of your guys’ ideas and comments on some of my pins! 

Can’t wait for this week to be over. This has been the most stressful 2 weeks of my life and it’s caused me to slack on Blogging. No more slacking, promise. 


Top 5 Horror Movies and TV Shows! 

So since Halloween is right around the corner I figured, why not go ahead and do a Top 5 Horror Movie post! 

These are my favorite top 5 horror movies obviously, so it’s all in what I found best. 

Top 5 Movies: 

1- I Spit On Your Grave. If you’re into the ultimate revenge movie, I highly recommend watching this! Scare Factor:😱😱😱😱😱 5/5 

2-Hush. This can be found on Netflix. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱😱 4/5

3-You’re Next. This can be found on Netflix. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱😱 4/5 

4-Drag Me To Hell. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱 3/5 but still a good movie! 

5-The Babadook. Can be found on Netflix as well. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱😱😱 5/5. 

TV Shows: 📺 

1-American Horror Story. I loooovvveeee AHS, currently on season 5 Hotel. My favorite seasons are The Insane Asylum and Freak Show. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱😱 4/5 but Freak Factor: 😱😱😱😱😱5/5 available on Netflix up until season 5! 

2-Bates Motel. I looove me some Bates Motel! All caught up on Netflix. Scare Factor: 😱😱😱 3/4 Freak Factor😱😱😱😱4/5. 

3-Scream. Ah I love Scream so much! It’s one of my favorite shows now. You can watch Season 1 & 2 on Netflix. Scare Factor 😱😱😱😱 4/5 Freak Factor: 😱😱😱3/5. 

4-Znation. I hate the walking dead and fell in love with znation. Available on Netflix. Scare Factor 😱😱😱 3/5. Freak Factor: 😱😱😱 3/5. 

5-Izombie. Love me some Izombie. I was not into this when I scrolled past on Netflix but once I started watching it, I love it!!! Highly recommend this show, if you like zombie shows:) Scare Factor: 😱 1/5. Freak Factor: 😱😱 2/5. 

What’s your favorite horror movie? Do you have any suggestions for tv shows I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!! 


Once Upon A Time Catch Up! **spoilers for season 6**

Ah, Once Upon A Time Season 6, you’re reaching beyond my expectations every episode! Today I watched Episode 2 of Season 6, and damn this season is just jumping right into the action, which I love. The Evil Queen is back to defeat Regina, and who is that walking beside the Evil Queen? Yup, you got it right, Zelena. Are they working together? Will they be working together?

In episode 1 you saw Regina and Zelena getting along, but you also see Zelena being greeted by the Evil Queen, by the sister she never had, by the sister she longed for. Episode 2 shows Zelena not so much helping The Evil Queen, but also turning a blind eye to her and what she is doing, while not helping Regina. The

The fact that Regina is standing up for herself against the Evil Witch, the fact that she is protecting her “family and friends” from the Evil Witch. I can already tell this season is going to be amazing.


These are all screenshots I took while watching Episode 2 Season 6 on the ABC Watch App.

Have you been keeping up with Season 6? If so, what do you think is going to happen here? What untold stories do you think Snow and Charming have? Do you think maybe perhaps Snow had something to do with Charmings fathers death? Do you think Zelena is going to give up on Regina and team up with the Evil Witch? Do you think Hook will be punished for helping Belle in hiding? Do you think The Evil Witch and Rumple will be a team again, or do you think Rumple will take the stand and be the father he needs to be to his unborn son?

Ah I’m dying for Episode 3 to come on, I need to know what is going on! Who agrees that Once Upon A Time needs to be turned into a book as well, with same characters and story lines? Ah, I would read them over and over again!

If you’ve never watched Once Upon A Time, I highly recommend trying it out. I’m not into Disney movies or fairytale endings, but this show, this show stole my attention from Season 1.

Season 1-5 is available on Netflix and you can easily watch the first two episodes of Season 6 on ABC Watch App and then catch the rest on Sundays on ABC!


July TV Show Challenge: Catchup Days! days 24-30. 

If you’ve read my previous post than you know that I’ve had some unfortunate events happen this week that kept me from doing my new weekly go along for my blog. I’m sorry again but starting today it’s back on!! 

So I’m catching up with my July TV Show Challenge! 

Day 24: Favorite TV Villain/Bad Guy. 

Hands down, Rumplestilksin from “Once Upon A Time”. Ive loved this show since the first season and can’t wait for the new season to be coming out this September. Rumple was my favorite starting in Season 2, of course he does some questionable things, but who doesn’t in life, right? 

I feel Rumple is my favorite because he was once a coward that got bullied and picked on, until he himself became the Dark One. Giving him as much power as a person could contain, he turned evil and got the revenge that the real Rumple could have never gotten. I understand how power and control could go to someone’s head who has once been bullied and put down about their life. 

Who’s your favorite villain/bad guy? 

Day 25: Favorite TV COP: I don’t have any favorite Cop, but I do enjoy watching Cop related TV shows, my top favorite two to watch are, 

Number one, most definitely “Alaska State Troopers” from the “National Geographic Channel”. I’d love to live in Alaska one day, and this show just made me want to even more. There’s still crime in Alaska, just like there is everywhere else in the world, but I love how most of the cops are so scared to trespass on others property. I love how they treat their wildlife that they find hurt or dead, no meat goes to waste in Alaska. 

Secondly, “COPS”, but my favorite addition is “Cops Caught In Action“. I get a kick out of the officers running and screaming “GET ON THE GROUND”, “STOP RESISITING” before they even tackle somebody. Also get a kick out of some of the people on the show that get caught doing some crazy ass shit. 

What’s your favorite cop show? 

Day 26: Favorite Sci-Fi Show? 

Unsealed Alien Files”. I’m obsessed with this show ever since I first seen an episode of it. I’m a huge believer in aliens, which you should know by now lol. This show just interest me more than any show out there, I feel it’s truth. 

“Unsealed: Alien Files investigates released documents regarding alien and UFO encounters, made accessible to the public in 2011 by the Freedom of Information Act. Each episode examines alien cases such as mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups and alien news from around the world.” -Wikipedia. 

Day 27: Best Special Effects. It’s probably really original but I’m going with all the “Harry Potter” movies. I know I know this is a TV challenge but I seriously couldn’t think of a tv show that I can remember “wowing” with special effects. I didn’t want to do a zombie tv show either. Examples of what I mean about Harry Potter being the best at special effects; 

Simple the magic! 

The Quidditch Matches.  

Even people, known characters so well done up. The mermaids that Harry has to battle, the book that looked like a spider. 

Again, the magic! 

Well known and loved chapters like Dobby, all special effects! 

What’s your favorite special effects tv show or movie? 

Day 28:Favorite Season Finale. 

Season 5 Season Finale of “Once Upon A Time”. It leaves off with Regina and “The Evil Queen” going to battle against each other for Season 6. Will Regina beat evil and have good again in her heart? Or will Evil win and take over Regina (the mayor)? 

Day 29; Worst Finale Cliffhanger? The last season I watched of “Scream“. I love this show and quickly finished it on Netflix. I think it was a bad finale cliffhanger because I’m dying to know what happened, but at the episode finale I finished (on Netflix, not caught up via tv), shit just hit the fan. I think it ended badly, could of went better, but I know there is another season, no need to panic! Lol. 

Day 30: Saddest Character Death: “The Black Canary” from “The Arrow“. 

finally all caught up with the challenge! 

Let me know if you have suggestions or comments about any of these shows! 


Hope everyone is having an ok day! 


Enjoying a cup of hot tea, chillin with Hazel and watching a new movie I just found out about, as well as working! 
Will let you know how it is when I’m done watching it, but it has Emma Watson, which I got excited about and just started watching! 

Work is slow today:/ 

If you’ve seen this movie, comment your intake on it and let me know what you thought! 


July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 23! 

Day 23: Facorite Actor Who Seems To Be In Everything. 
For this one, I’m not sure of many actors and actresses by name, just a few. So I’m gonna go ahead and just do my list of favorite all time actors! 

First: Seth Rogan

For some reason, I think Seth Rogan plays the best characters in movies. He cracks me up in almost every movie I’ve seen him in. His sense of humor has to be amazing! 

My Favorite  Movies With Seth Rogan: 

Number one hands down, “Pineapple Express”. This movie even makes my top 3 favorite movies. 

Number two, “Knocked Up”. He’s the perfect person for the role they picked him to play and he nailed it! Like always! 

Secondly, Jonah Hill. 

Again, another Actor who can make me crack up! Every movie he’s been in, I’ve enjoyed and got a kick out of his character he played. 

My favorite movies with Jonah Hill: 

The Fourty Year Old Virgin”, he plays a very small role but still, just his lines are too funny in every movie. “Super Bad”, another one of my favorite movies. I use to watch this movie on repeat, they seriously couldn’t of picked a better actor to play his part. “This is The End”, a freakin hysterical movie with both Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan, together their amazing! This has to be one of the funniest movies I’ve seen a while. 

Third, Rob Shneider. 

He is the funniest character in almost every Adam Sandler movie. He is my favorite character on almost every Adam Sandler movie lol. He always plays the goofiest and most awkward roles and kills it! 

Who’s your favorite actor? 


July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 7! 

Day 7: Show from the 80’s. 
Since I was born in the 90’s, I can’t really say I watched this show in the 80’s but it started in 88 so it counts, right? Lol. 

Saved By The Bell”, was probably my favorite “80’s” show that I watched. 
Since it stopped airing in 1993, I only watched reruns but I remember watching it like everyday after school in elementary.


July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 4 (late) 

Day 4: Favorite Animated Show! 


Hands down first one, “Family Guy“. 

Peter and Louis are definitely my favorite Animated Couple😂😂. They make me geek way too much when I watch it. I don’t care how old I get, I’ll always watch Family Guy. 

Most people love Stewie the most, I personally don’t. Lol. I love his humor but that’s about it. I miss the old “take over the world” Stewie that was in the original Family Guys. 

Peter is definitely my favorite character on the show. Only because of his humor, and “not giving a fuck” attitude about literally everything. 


Secondly, “South Park”. The main reason I love this show is because the makers really don’t care who/what they make fun of. It’d be different if they only made fun of one thing, but it’s everything they make fun of. Mainly things that people now a days are too afraid to discuss or very touchy subjects, they just don’t care. My kind of humor, to a t. 

I don’t have a favorite character on the show, but did I mention their Denver Bronco fans as well? Lol. 

I personally can’t freaking stand “Kanye West”, and obviously neither can the makers of South Park because their constantly having him make an appearance on the show, totally calling him out on every dumbass thing he’s said/done. 

Over and out:) 


Writing/Blogging Challenge: Day 12! 

Day 12: Describe a typical day in your current life. 
On a weekday: 

  • Wake up. 
  • Kiss my lady.
  • Take meds 
  • Smoke cig. 
  • Feed Hazel, Joplin, and Jynx
  • Brush teeth/Shower
  • Hangout with my lady. 
  • Help with dinner/dishes.
  • Eat dinner. 
  • Watch Netflix with my lady.
  • Play with Hazel, Joplin, and Jynx. 
  • Put Joplin and Jynx to bed. 
  • Hangout with my lady some more. 
  • Bathroom/Brush Teeth.
  • Take meds
  • Meditate.
  • Go to bed.

On a weekend: 

  • Wake up at 6:30
  • Kiss my lady on the forehead (she still sleeping).
  • Smoke cig.
  • Take meds
  • Brush teeth. 
  • Start work by 7:00am. 
  • Let Hazel go potty, feed Jynx and Joplin, etc.
  • Work until 4-5pm. 
  • Have dinner with my lady. 
  • Watch Netflix or go do something (depends on weather). 
  • Play with our fur babies.
  • Brush Teeth/Shower. 
  • Take meds 
  • Meditate
  • Go to bed

Some days are more exciting than these, I promise lol.