Friday Recap! 

Ahh this week has been amazing, life is really starting to look up for Nikki and I. Nikki got a call back from the State, she’s definitely getting the job! We’ll be moving about an hour away from the small little farm town we live in now. I’m hoping to find something still tucked up in the mountains on the outskirts of the town, hopefully! I’m so proud of her for this, she really wanted to back on with the State after being a Correctional Officer years back. We have to be in Baltimore Monday for some more “paperwork” and shit before the hire, but it’s definitely in the bag:) 

This week I’ve done a lot, and this weekend is also packed with plans for work, and family time! 

Like always, I’ve gotten a few pictures and videos of my week: 

Omg Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING is coming out! I’m hella excited about this, I love fall for so many reasons, this being one of them. Second thing about this picture, I went to the market! If you too suffer with social anxiety, you’ll understand how important something like this can be! 
Went for a really nice car ride with Nikki, took a few pictures on the way back home:) 

Wrote 500 post on “You’re Not Alone In This World”! 
Had this awesome cheesy n rice chicken dinner with green beans, was delicious! I found the recipe on Rachel Rays website but omg it turned out awesome! 

Finally found a Seadra in my local town! Caught 5 new Pokemon last night, was a plus to my week! 

​If you knew my dog you’d understand how amazing this video is. We rescued her from a bad situation whereanimal aggression   was awarded. We had a hell of a time trying to introduce her to people, let alone another animal. Anytime we’ve seen her react to another animal, it’s been bad. We’ve done really awesome with getting her use to these kittens! We don’t even have to separate them anymore, it’s awesome letting them be comfortable with each other! 
Nikki and I going to my sisters house for a birthday party for my mom. We snapped a picture before heading out:) 
She hates when we go anywhere without her! This is her face the whole time we’re getting ready to go out somewhere:( 

My moms birthday was yesterday! We had a nice night with her, my sister her husband and their 4 kids, and my pap of course! 

My sister, me, my two nieces, and two nephews with my mom for her birthday. My family is unfortantley really big on getting pictures. 

My mom and my pappy:) 

​Before leaving we played a game of PIG with everyone:) 

Mentally I’ve done good this week, not a lot of voices or visuals, anxiety was alright only a few episodes. 

This week has been great!  


I really wanna go back to the beach before summers gone! ✌🏽️🤘🏼🖖🏽


The beach was amazing, so amazing in fact that we did NOT want to come home. Honestly, if it wasn’t for our dog, we wouldn’t of came home. My anxiety acted up for the first night there but just because it was senior week and there was a lot of people! After the first night, the crowd started to calm down and I was actually really chill with going into places. We did a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t of ever been able to do if we would of been in our hometown…


This was the first night off of the front balcony that looked down in the street. There are a lot of people this night, lol. I really didn’t leave the room until everyone got off the beach lol.

So we decided for the first night, we would go chill on the beach since every person was chillin in the streets (boardwalk). We were the only people on the beach this night, well besides another couple that laughed at us because we screamed and ran from the water every time it hit our feet. I ain’t chill with the ocean water, but I like the ocean lol.

Our second day there, it was kinda rainy so we decided to have lunch on the boardwalk, do some shopping and eat dinner at the hotel (delivery pizza). This picture was taken at about 6AM, I got stuck working this day, but hey look at the view I had while working:) I took this while enjoying a cup of coffee and working on the computer.

Our third day was thee best! The weather was perfect and we did so much stuff! First we did a walk on the board walk, went shopping and got some cute matching t shirts. image8

It was pretty funny how the people acted when we requested these shirts to be made. The store only had “I’m Hers”, “He’s Mine” T shirts…but that wasn’t going to work..ya know since we’re both chicks lol. We asked the lady that was running the store, I felt kinda bad because she really didn’t speak good English, so I just felt awful repeating myself. Then the guy that made the shirts came over, they where definitely Russian which I thought was pretty damn cool. He said “OOOOOOOOOO I know what you mean now! The happy couple!” and was sooo cool about making our shirts for us. Thank you to the people that did this!

images (1)

I also bought myself some insane Contacts! I can’t wait to take a picture of them in once I get some contact solution to keep them in. Do you know who Hopsin is? Ok, if not…google him, those are the contacts I got, all white.

Then we went ahead and walked 20 blocks and did this AMAZING boat ride. It was a thrill ride, they seriously went well over 50mph and was hitting the waves sooo hard we had to even buckle in to stay in our seats, it was amazing.

Plus we met the coolest older couple that sat beside us, we talked them into sitting up front with us, on the way back she  was yellin “HOW IN THE HELL DID I LET YOU GIRLS TALK ME INTO THIS!!!” It was priceless.

image5Oh, and we got our Old Time Photos taken:) We chose to do the pirates! It was seriously a blast doing this, the people that ran the place made it so much fun!

After everything we went back and laid on the beach for a little while before meeting up with my cousin to get some Ben n Jerry’s on the boardwalk:) The first picture was actually taken on the boat ride on the way back, that’s why it looks like we’re flying lol.

After getting some ice cream and doing a little shopping around with my cousin, we said goodbye to him and came back to the hotel to realize….

We got burnt like shitttttttttt! It’s been like a week since we’ve been home (maybe not that long) but I’m STILL peeling 😦

image18The very last night there, we relaxed with a shit ton of Aloe Vera on our body, and sat on the balcony and enjoyed our new Hookah! Yes, I know the foil is missing, the hotel didn’t have any lol.


This trip was simply amazing, and much needed! I so wanna do it again. I made me realize that my anxiety is so controllable, but i don’t know why it’s so much worse in my hometown. The moment we got back into town, my voices got louder than the static, my nerves started to boil up around me, and I immediately got depressed due to the fact my voices were back. Now that I know, I CAN DO THINGS, I just need to learn how to control my anxiety so I can get back out there and have a “normal” life. Sounds easy right? LOL.img_1112-160

Will be away for a while…

Hey everyone!

Good News

Some good news, my fiance and I are going to the beach tomorrow as soon as I get off work! This wasn’t a planned trip, kind of a last moment trip actually, but hey why not?! My birthday is June 26th and Nikki wasn’t sure if she’d be able to get off work long enough for a trip. She came home the other night and found out she had off tomorrow, and the next 3 days, so road trip here we come!


We got a hotel for 3 nights on the boardwalk, with a balcony, where I’ll be taking a lot of pictures lol.

We plan on doing a lot of stuff while down there, I’m so looking forward to it.

The past week has been pretty bad emotionally, due to my voices not learning how to shut the hell up, lol. This trip is a must needed vacation, for both of us!

6359394391426709701124815027_road trip.jpg

This will be the first “road trip” my fiance and I have had together, in the 3 years we’ve been together. Definitely excited about no stress, no phone, no tv, just me and my lady on the beach!

article-0-200BA74B00000578-536_634x629.jpgI’m really hoping to get them old western photos done of me and her, and maybe even parasailing since it’s on our list of to do this summer! I’m praying to come back home with a nice tan on me and my lady 🙂 Definitely going to get a new tattoo, Henna if I can’t afford the real deal lol.


I got my playlist ready for the roadtrip down, bringing some extra speakers for the car, got my bag packed, and doing more laundry now.

Only thing left, go buy a bathing suit tomorrow before leaving.

Nikki’s brother, my soon to be brother in law, is watching Hazel Bee while we’re gone!

I’m super excited! I won’t be on WordPress at all until I come back, BUT when I do come back, omg picture galore!