B is for Bi-Polar.

As someone who “suffers” with multiple mental health “issues”, I like to keep up with other mental health diseases that I don’t have. Since I’ve been in and out of a few psych wards growing up, I’ve met a lot of different people with different disabilities. Some of the most inspiring people I’ve met in my life, I’ve met in a psych ward. My team being in these type of places you learn a little about each mental disability. Every place I went to had that stupid “introduce circle” every time a new kid would check in, and you’d hear a lot of different stories about people’s lives and how they live day to day with their disability. I began to notice the eye rolls from other individuals when certain people would share their story. I became aware of the “disabilities” that others really just didn’t seem to care about? or just didn’t understand them and didn’t care to understand them. The main ones I noticed that had the most stigma where Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Anxiety and Eating Disorders. In the “real world” most people don’t understand Depression, but it seemed we all understood and had that in the psych ward.

So, Bi-Polar, what the hell is it? I’m not someone who suffers from Bi-Polar Disorder but like I said, I still care to know and try to understand. I’ve been that person that get’s the looks and the sly remarks about my disability, so I try my damndest to understand other people’s “problems”.

The definition you’ll find on google is:

“(of psychiatric illness) characterized by both manic and depressive episodes, or manic ones only.”
This definition may tell you what is it, but it doesn’t explain how living with bipolar disorder can affect a person’s life, how a person may act when having bipolar disorder, etc.
So next I googled, “what does Bipolar Disorder feel like”, these were the results that came up:
Bipolar disorder is an illness that produces dramatic swings in mood (amongst other symptoms). A person with bipolar disorder will alternate between periods of mania (elevated mood) and periods of depression (feelings of intense sadness). In between these two extremes, a person will have periods of normal mood. To help gain a better understanding of what it feels like, mania and depression are described below:


I had times when I felt terrific, better than I ever had.

I felt like I could do anything I set my mind to. My productivity at work soars and I work late into the night.

Then all of a sudden, I’m drowning in depression. I can’t get up in the morning to go to work and I feel like my life isn’t worth living. Treatment has greatly helped me to manage my bipolar disorder. Now I have an agreement with my wife–When I start showing sings of either mania or depression, my wife knows to make me an appointment with our family doctor.”

Mania is an extreme feeling of well-being, energy and optimism—you feel on top of the world. These feelings, however, can be so intense that you can lose contact with reality. You may find yourself believing strange things about yourself, making bad judgements and behaving in embarrassing, harmful and sometimes even dangerous ways. Mania can make it difficult or impossible to deal with life in an effective way. A period of mania can, if untreated, destroy your relationships and work.” –heretohelp

So, what is Mania? Mania is different types of feelings, feelings like:

  1. Very happy or over excited.
  2. More important than usual.
  3. Full of energy.
  4. Unable or Unwilling to sleep.
  5. Full of new and exciting ideas.
  6. Irritated with others who don’t share your same outlook.

When you’re going through a state of Mania, how do others see you?

  1. Jumping from idea to idea very quickly.
  2. Behaving in a bizarre way.
  3. Making odd decisions at the spur of the moment, even without thinking of the consequences.
  4. Speaking very fastly.
  5. Recklessly spending your money.


“Feelings of sadness are something we all experience from time to time. It’s a natural reaction to losses and painful events. With time, these feelings disappear. But for someone with bipolar disorder, a depressive episode can be much more severe. The depression goes on for longer and makes it very difficult to tackle the daily tasks and problems of living. A person experiencing a depressive episode will likely to have the mental and physical symptoms listed below. Not everyone who becomes depressed will have all these symptoms, but they will usually have several of them.”-heretohelp

What Depression Feels Like:

  1. Losing interest in things you once enjoyed
  2. Not able to enjoy things
  3. Loss of self-confidence.
  4. Feeling restless and agitated
  5. Feeling extremely tired.
  6. Thinking of suicide.
  7. Feeling useless and or hopeless
  8. Feeling more irritable than usual.

Now, these are the feelings the internet gave for depression, I narrowed them down to the ones I feel are legit for my depression.

When you’re going through a state of Depression, What do other people see?

  1. Loss of appetite and weight loss.
  2. Difficulty in sleeping or sleeping too often.
  3. Constipation.
  4. Loss of interest in sexual relationships.

So now, I ask you, followers, who “suffer” from bipolar disorder, what is REALLY like to live with this disorder? How id your day to day life? What do you struggle with most? Do you find medication does its job for you?

Let us know in the comments below, everyone should take a minute to try and understand what others are going rhough, and then maybe just amybe we’ll understand or at least end these damn stigmas.

If you’d like to check out more about Bipolar Disorders, feel free to click on the links I’ve provided and read some stories for yourself. There’s also a few stories on yahoo answers from people who suffer from bipolar their self.


52- Week Blog Challenge.


Hey, everyone, I’m loving this weekly blog writing challenge, it’s keeping me busy! I’m a few days behind on this week’s blogging challenge, but I’m still doing it, right?!

Week 3: Meet My Family.

img_6871First is my Fiance, Nichole (Nikki). We’ve been together for almost 5 years now and over those 5 years, we’ve made a nice little family of our own together.

img_6764Meet our Oldest Daughter, Hazel Bee:) She’s a 5-year-old pit bull that we rescued when she was only a year and 3 months old. She has a rough past but she’s the sweetest animal I’ve ever met. Don’t get me wrong, she has some mental “disabilities” from the trauma that she has encountered in life. I truly believe she has separation anxiety and PTSD. I love this dog a lot, I’ve seriously never bonded with a dog like I have with Hazel.

50481966958__d22d8702-7e44-42e3-9cfa-526fa398ad7dNext is our middle child, Joplin Serpo:) She’s my big baby only 10 months old and loving life. Her sister passed away when they were only 5 months old from leukemia and Joplin has been missing her since then. She’s a really chill cat but very antisocial. She reminds me of myself honestly, she’ll run and hide when new people come over, she backs down from Hazel and Talib all the time but she has a heart of gold (her siblings).

img_6966Meet our youngest and our only boy in the house, Talib! Named after a Denver Broncos player, he’s only 6 months old and the most playful cat I’ve ever seen. He wakes Nikki and I up every morning by attacking our feet for food. He’s super energetic, but not when ew first got him. He had a lot of issues when we first got him, including having balls since we asked for a little girl. Once we got him to the vet and taken care of, he’s freaking amazing now. Just look at him!

img_4132This is My mom in the center, my youngest nephew Sawyer is sitting on her lap, my youngest niece Grace is standing to the right in front of me, my oldest nephew Carson leaning down to the left on the table, my oldest neice Marisa standing to the left of me in the green shirt, and my sister Jenny in the way back with the grey shirt. These are all my sister’s kids, my brothers aren’t in these photos.

img_3131Me and Dave. My soon to be brother in law:)

img_3137Me Nikki and my soon to be in-law family:) We got my brother in law Dave in the back, my cousin in law Veronica in the back with the purple shirt, my cousin in law Jess on the right-hand side with the pink shirt, and my cousin in law Levi on the very right-hand side throwing up the rock sign.

img_1480-1Me, Nikki, my niece Grace, and my pappy:)

img_4131My beautiful Momma on her 60th birthday:)

img_3550Me and My dad doing Faceswap on Snapchat.

My niece Kayla and Me on the left. My nephew Tyler in the middle and my nephew Conner on the end. These are my brother’s kids.

img_0022My Grandma and I. This was taken at the Nursing Home the Halloween before she passed away. My grandma was a great woman and she’s deeply missed. img_1901Probably the only photo I’ll be able to find of all three of us together. This is me, my mom, and my dad at a family picnic back in 2002-2003.

Well, there’s my family. I of course have a lot more family members not included in this but sadly no photos of them or me with them on my computer or cell phone.

Song Challenge: Day One!

I stumbled across this challenge this morning when looking through my Reader feed. The writer over at “thatdiary” has been nice enough to let me join in on the fun!

This challenge involves one of my favorite things in the entire world, music! I obviously had to join if I was given permission to jump in:)

The Rules: 

  • Post a different song quote for 5 consecutive days.
  • Post what the song quote means to you (optional).
  • Post the song from which the quote is from (youtube link optional).
  • Nominate two new bloggers every day of the challenge.

Day One Quote:

“Some day, we gonna rise up on that wind, you know,
Someday, we gonna dance with those lions.
Someday, we gonna break free from these chains
And keep on flyin'”

– “Someday” by Flipsyde.

What this song means to me:

To me, this song is an inspiring song for someone who struggles day to day like me. This song can give some people hope. The song explains how we’ll all have what we want, “someday”, we’re all gonna die “someday one day”. 

But the main chorus is my favorite quote from this song. Especially in today’s world, there is a lot of “discrimination” going on lately. Whether it’s against certain races, certain religions or cultures, the LGBTQ community, or hell, being a woman and standing up for our rights is frowned upon in 2017…

We need to listen to this, we need to stop and just listen to these actual lyrics. It doesn’t matter where you come/came from, it doesn’t matter where you end up in the end, someday we will all die. 
So why not while we’re here, let’s rise up on the wind, dance with the lions, and break free from our chains to keep on flyin’. 

To me, this means, rise up against the haters and people that knock you down. Dancing with the lions, obviously coming together with everyone even the “wicked”.  Breaking free from our chains, the chains we’re so unaware of having. The chains that our government has on us, to break free and live the life we want to live. Keep on flyin’, doing what we love the most, flyin’ by in live, everyone feeling like their flyin’. 

Check this song out here:

Someday YouTube Vevo

My Two Nominations For Day One:

  • Tikeetha from over at A Thomas Point Of View.
  • Jennie from over at 50shad3s0fjay

Both of these blogs are ones I highly recommend checking out.

Tikeetha writes about everything in her life and shares the most inspiring post, she’s a Christian Mother who does amazing at spreading the love on her blog and very open minded from what I’ve learned!

Jennie writes about everything from her amazing travel life with pictures, amazing challenges to participate in, and also makeup and product reviews. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! I work late tonight as usual and early tomorrow morning. My car is currently being inspected, gotta pick it up by 5 pm so I’m going to have to take an hour break from work to go get it.

Let me know in the comments below what you’re a favorite quote for today would have to be? If you’ve heard this song that I picked, what does the main chorus mean to you?


31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10.

Day 10: “First celebrity crush”. 

I honestly don’t know who my first celebrity crush was. I honestly am gonna go with the dude from NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, not one in particular. I just remember being totally obsessed with them when I was really little. My first girl celebrity crush was Jo Jo when I went to see her, I was about 10. 

I’m not one of those people that just gush all over celebrity people. I don’t look at them any differently than I would you walking down the street. They’re people, with money, that’s it. Money can buy a lot of things, including fame and good looks. I honestly think anyone could be famous and do just as well as the famous people we have today. I don’t believe in real fame anymore, it doesn’t take shit to be an actress, actor, or famous anymore. I mean Jesus Christ, look how the fucking Kardashians started out and where they’re at now, fuck money and fuck famous people:) 

There’s like a handful of “famous people” that I’d like to meet because they seem like legit people. Not because omg they’re famous and rich and “hot shit”…not me. 

So, who was your first celebrity crush? Let me know in the comments below!

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7.

“10 Favorite Foods”

You’d think this would be easy, but narrowing it down to ten!? LMFAO. 

  1. Wings. Buffalo, Hot, Sweet and Hot, Honey BBQ, BBQ, you name it. 
  2. Sushi, deep fried with Crab and eel sauce. (yummy)
  3. Crabs, scratch that..seafood in general. 
  4. Cinnamon Rolls
  5. Fried Chicken, not a fan of it any other way honestly. 
  6. Macaroni Salad with Pickles in it. 
  7. Homemade chocolate and peanut butter meltaway. 
  8. I’m guilty of liking Steak, like a lot. 
  9. Snacks like Slim Jims and Beef Jerky. 
  10. Laffy Taffy, Gushers, Gummies, Sour Patch Kids, sugar candy. 

So, what’s one or some of your favorite foods? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll let you know if I like that as well or not:)

Welcome all new followers, by the way, gained 8 new ones last night, hello and thanks for following me:) I hope you enjoy your time on my blog while you’re here.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2. 

20 Facts About Me: I can’t stress how much I hate these facts about me ones! I literally can’t even think of 4 …

  1. I’m in love with Virtual Reality. 
  2. I like animals more than humans. 
  3. I have “resting bitch face syndrome”. 
  4. I’m not that big of a fan of icecream. I mean, I’ll eat it here and there but I’m not like omfg icecream! 
  5. I like Yoo-hoo better now then I did when I was a kid. 
  6. I wanna jump on the back of a train n get outta here 99% of the time.
  7. I’m currently sitting at Nikki’s moms house and it’s empty, just sitting n waitin on Nikki to be back. 
  8. I slept until 2:30 today, not good. 
  9. Lmfao I fell asleep eating a muffin last night and woke up mid chew, but was eating the cupcake wrapper😂 
  10. Sadly I can’t seem to quit smoking cigs no matter what I do. I truly believe you have to want it more than I want to quit in order to quit. 
  11. Since I didn’t wake up until 2, meaning no makeup nor hair was done today, so I threw on my big shades and they’re not coming off😂
  12. I was never a Denver Broncos fan until I met Nikki. So I’ve been a Bronco fan for almost 5 years now. 
  13. I’m the oddball in my family. Big time. 
  14. I have a very hippie soul, old souls you could say as well. 
  15. I can’t stand when people put other people down, I have no respect nor care for people who do not have respect for others. 
  16. I think it’d be super cool to meet some of my followers in real life. Especially the ones I talk to on a daily basis. 
  17. Currently listening to “Butterfly” by Crazy Town. 
  18. I finally have a car in my own name, insurance in my own name! Finally, I have something in my name. 
  19. I moved outta my house about 3 months after turning 18, with Nikki. 
  20. Yay! I love Japanese and Chinese food. Well the American version of it, since I’ve never been to Japan nor China. I could eat it everyday and be content. 

Haha well that’s 20 more useless facts about myself. Let me hear some more facts about you…n go! 


Writing Challenge Day 15. 

Write 15 interesting facts about yourself”. 

Lmfao, I hate these ones! I really don’t have any “interesting” facts, so imma just do 15 facts about myself lol. 

  1. I believe in Aliens….a lot. 
  2. I’m in my head 50% of the day. 
  3. I’ll be 23 this year. 
  4. Whisky is the only liquor I can drink and actually continue to party, not end up passed out somewhere. 
  5. I like lyrics more than I like music, if that makes sense to anyone lol. 
  6. It’s currently 3AM and I’m exhausted and runnin out of shit to think of. 
  7. I have my nose pierced but never really wear it cause it tickles and makes me sneeze alot😂
  8. I’ve been with Nikki for almost 5 years now:)
  9. I wanna backpack the US so freaking bad it’s insane. 
  10. I think about being abducted or being from another planet, a shit ton. Like not a normal amount, lmfao.
  11. I was raised Roman Catholic and now have no religion. 
  12. I’m currently watching “Americas Most Wanted Criminals 2016” on YouTube. 
  13. I have became a PS4 gamer and gave up on my Xbox:( I’m hating myself for admitting this! 
  14. I could eat seafood for the rest of my life and be good👍🏼. 
  15. I’m really weird once you get to truly know me. Not like weird weird but like wtf lmfao weird. 

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself in the comments below! 


31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1 “Introduction”. 

So I’ve decided to go ahead and jump in on the fun that I spotted over at Annebella and Kates page! You should definitely go check them out if you like challenges! 

So today is day one, “introduction”. I’ll do an introduction for myself and for my blog as well. 

My name is Cyerra but I go by C on here! 22 years old, part time customer service agent lol. What an introduction! lol I’m a mommy to 3 fur babies, Hazel a 5 year old Pitbull, Joplin a 9 month old cat, and Talib a 6 month old cat. I’m engaged to my crazy beautiful fiancé, Nichole (Nikki), we’ve been together for almost 5 years now. I’m a very hippie souled person with a love for nature and outdoors. I first experienced my social anxiety in elementary school but no one ever really caught on until high school. I was hospitalized twice, and diagnosed with multiple different mental health “issues”. I’ve came along way from where I was 5-6 years ago. 

Ok enough about me. 

Yourenotaloneinthisworld is a place for fellow mental health nuts to feel like they’re not alone. I first started this blog because my councilor at the time suggested it, to open my eyes to how many people were like me. I couldn’t believe how many people wrote stories about their experiences that was almost identical to mine. I want to help others realize, they’re not alone. My blog has changed from strictly mental health, to mental health and conspiracy theories, to literally everything now. 

If you’re a new follower go ahead and introduce yourself in the comments below with your name and make sure to leave a link to your blog!! 


Writing Challenge: Day 9.

“If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?” 

This is probably the easiest question yet! I’ve known since I was a junior in High School that I’ve always wanted to be a Special Education Teacher. In High School I was a teaching assistant for a special education class and I fell in love with the job. 

I’ve attempted college more than twice and have dropped out each time due to anxiety. College courses online aren’t much help for special education degrees. 

What’s your dream job? Has your dream job changed over the years? Do you currently work at your dream job? Let me know in the comments below! 


Writing Challenge Day 8.

“Discuss a moment when you felt most satisfied with your life” 

A moment when I’ve felt most satisfied? Hmm…if I’m being honest I’d have to say now. Yes I’ve done some nice accomplishments and could name those days, but I feel I’m doing good mentally and in life right now at this moment. I have a job that I’ve kept for over a year (not normal for me), it might not be full time and not pay much, but it’s a job. I’ve been in a relationship for 4 years now and loving every minute of it. I’ve lived on my own now for 3 straight years, which I honestly never thought would be possible before. I don’t know if I’d be able to live 100% alone, I’ve had Nikki since I’ve moved out from home.

Long story short, I feel pretty good now. 

What about you? When did you feel most satisfied in life? Let me know in the comments below.