Monday Inspirational Post Blog Share! 

Seremdipitous wrote an awesome post “Fighting With A Fork“, on Eating Disorders today that I felt would be a great post to share. I’ve followed her for a while now and she is definitely an inspiration to all young people out there suffering with an eating disorder. 

I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day and checking out this post and also her blog! 

Reblogged: “My Eating Disorder caused me to GAIN  18kg and nearly killed me… -The Reality of Normal Weight Eating Disorder Sufferers-“

Originally posted on RamblesOfTheRecovering.

 If you’re suffering with an eating disorder or going through recovery for ED, you should definitely go follow her! 

“My Eating Disorder Caused Me to GAIN 18kg and Nearly Killed Me… With #edaw in full swing, I’m sure your screens have been bombarded with posts that aim to raise awareness as to the deadly consequences of illnesses such as Anorexia Nervosa.  For the most part these status’ and blog posts are filled to the […]


Reblogged: “Ana” by Lilac Sheer”

Originally posted by Eyestillbrave. Definitely go check them out. 

The other day I got an email from singer/songwriter Lilac Sheer, who had created a YouTube animated video about her and others’ battle(s) with anorexia with Natalia Biegaj, an animator. She chose manga as a medium because she found its popularity made it a good method for reaching out to other people that struggle. Directly […]