Where my followers live. 

If there’s one thing I love about how WordPress is set up, its the countries!

I think it’s amazing how people from all over the world are taking their time to read my stories and follow my blog! Countries amaze me, I don’t know if it’s my want to wander but I love reading about other countries and their traditions. I know everyone says “don’t believe what you read online” but how am I supposed to not when I’m reading about other countries? I don’t know what life is like in other countries, I’ve never been outside of the US. 
So I figured, why not make a post about the countries I have followers from. I’m going to post some pictures of the countries that I could find online and also what info I can find online about said country! 

Let’s start! 

🔹United States: 

Capital : Wasington DC. Population: 318.9 million.** Info found National Geographic*. 

🔹United Kingdom: 

CCapital : London! Population: 63 million. **info found: EducationUK**. 


Capital: Canberra. Population: 22 million. **info found: Science Kids**. 


CCapital: New Delhi. Population: 1.2 billion  **info found: Science Kids**. 


Capital: Manila. Population: 102 million. 


Capital: Ottawa. Population: 35 million.    **info found: Science Kids“. 

🔹Sri Lanka: 

Capital: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, and Colombo. Population: 20.48 million.      **info found: Wiki**


Capital: Ljubljana. Population: 2.6 million **info found: Wiki.“. 


Capital: Bucharest. Population:20million. **Info found: Wiki**. 


Capital: Jakarta. Population: 255,461,700. **info found: Wiki**. 

Capital: Madrid. Population: 46.77 million. **info found: Wiki**. 


Capital: Islamabad. Population: 191.2 million. **info found: Wiki**. 


Capital: Berlin. Population: 80.62 million. **info found: Wiki.**. 


Capital: Accra. Population: 25.9 million. **info found: Ghana Embassy**. 


Capitol: Lima. Population: 30.38 million. **info found: Country Meter**. 

🔹 New Zealand

Capital: Wellington. Population: 4.6 million. **info found: Wiki!**. 


Capital: Jerusalem. Population:  8.059.  **info found: CIA**. 

🔹Caribbean Netherlands. 

Capital: Amsterdam. Population: 16.8 million. **info found: Wiki**. 


Capital: Kuala Lumpur. Population: 29.72 million. Info found: Statistics

🔹South Africa: 

Capital: Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein. Population: 52.98 million. **info found: South Africa Info**. 


Capital: Nairobi. Population: 44.35 million. **info found: Country Meters**. 


Capital: Phnom Penh. Population: 15.14 million. Info found: Country Meters


Capital: Dublin. Population: 4.701 million. 


Capital: Singapore! Ain’t that cool? Population: 5.399 million. info found: Wiki!


Capital: Paris. Population: 65 million. Info found: WorldoMeters


CCapital: Bangkok. Population:68.1 million info found:WorldOMeters


Capital: Brussels, and City of Brussels. Population: 11.2 million. Info found: Country Meters.


CCapital: Manama. Population: 1.332 million. Info found: Wiki

🔹Costa Rica: 

Capital: San Jose. Population: 4.872 million. Info found: CIA

🔹Hong Kong SAR China: 

Population: 7.188 million. Info found: Country Meters


Capital: Stockholm. Population:9.593 million. Info found: Country Meters


Capital: Buenos Aires. Population: 43,805,467million. Info found: Country Meters


Capital: Oslo. Population: 5.084 million. Info found: Wiki

🔹 Taiwan: 

Capital: Taipei. Population: 23.48 million Wiki


Capital: Mexico City. Population: 122.3 million. 


Capital: Warsaw. Population: 38.53 million. Country Meters

🔹Puerto Rico: 

Capital: San Juan. Population: 3.5 Million. Info found:Wiki


Capital: Moscow. Population: 143.5 million. Info found: WorldoMeters


Capital: Abuja. Population:187 million. Info found: WorldoMeters


PCapital: Lisbon. Population: 10.46 million. Info found: Country Meters.


Capital: Quito. Population:15.74 million. Info found : Country Meters

Omg this was awesome to do! I found out so much stuff about countries I never knew about. I can’t believe this many people from some beautiful places are taking the time and reading my blog! 

Thank you! 


Where our ancestors laid their heads. 

Technically I am American, born and raised here. My mother and father where also born and raised in America; the only life I know is an American life. Lately I’ve been thinking about the past, not so much my past, but the past of my family. In my 21 years of living on earth, I’ve witnessed 6 family members pass away and multiple family members of my fiancés pass away. It makes me wonder, how many family members do I have out in the world, that have no idea I even exist? Both sets of my grandparents where born and raised in America, but that’s as far back my family was in America. My great great grandfather, John, moved to America with his family, and they changed our last name into what it is today. Johns father, was born and raised in Wurzburg, Germany; while Johns mother was born and raised in County Mayo, Ireland. Apparently Johns parents had like a Romeo and Juliet relationship being German and Irish. I know that I have family members buried in Wurzburg Germany, County Mayo Ireland, Lorain Co Ohio, Conway South Carolina, and Glasgow Scotland. But that’s only my dad’s side.

My mom’s side my mom’s family didn’t come to America until 1905. I have little information about my mom’s side. I do know that my great great great grandfather was born raised and buried in County Wexford, Ireland. And his wife and their children also born raised and died in Carnew, Wicklow Ireland. Also family members are buried in; County Cork Ireland, County Wicklow Ireland, and Sand Patch Pennsylvania.

I think it’s seriously amazing that I’ve never heard of any of these people and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for these people.

To be completely honest, I’ve never even heard of some of these places in Germany or Ireland! I’d love to go to them and see if I have family members still located there, maybe even having our original last name.

I looked up the places I have family members buried at, and here are some of the pictures that came up on google images.

 County Wexford, Ireland.

 County Wiclow, Ireland.
 County Cork, Ireland.
 Glasgow, Scotland
 Wurzburg, Germany.

I think it’s seriously amazing that my ancestors walked and lived in these lands! They probably had no idea that generations and generations would pass, and here I would be sitting in America wishing I could be in some of these places my ancestors lived. Makes me wonder where my future ancestors will be when I’m long gone and they’re searching my name in search engines!