Happy Halloween 👻 

Happy Halloween Everyone!! The night we can all be someone else and feel comfortable in a large group of unkown people. 


I’m not doing anything for Halloween tonight since Nikki will be at work until late tonight, and there isn’t any trick or treating in our neighborhood:/ We are carving pumpkins tonight whenever Nikki gets home. 

Hope y’all have a fun time tonight, try to stay clear of the clowns, be careful and most importantly enjoy yourself!! 


No Strength. 

I have no strength to move today, I feel paralyzed and bound to this sofa. I have my main ingredients for successful movements next to me…I am still sick as hell, today is the worst day of it all though. This is my 3rd roll of toilet paper and I killed two boxes of tissues in like a half hour yesterday. I’m literally full of snot, yummy ain’t it?! Lol. 

Some good news, Nikki and I got all our bills paid and caught up, and treated ourselves to somethings! I showed the Hamsa Necklace and tapestry I got myself, so excited to get them plus the nose rings and cellphone case should be here any day now, they’re coming from China:) Nikki got her hair cut for graduation and treated me to a waxing, which was highly needed! 

My mom came home from North Carolina and brought us some things:) 

Outer Banks, NC ashtray for the house. 

Duck, NC shot glass for the house. 

She got Nikki a shirt:) 

And she got me an adorable Baja Hoodie from OBX:) mama knows me too well. 

I can’t wait till Nikki gets home from work. I was supposed to have this house spotless and dishes done before she got home, it’s been like 2 weeks since I’ve helped around this house for shit, my inner self needs to do this, I need to get up and moving. Why must I be sick on today? Nikki busted ass and went to work sicker than this, I’m just a weaklink! 

Very disappointed in my Hazel Bee this morning…she got into my cough drops, ate a few, got into the trash and ate some nasty tissues, and to top it all off, got the cat treats out of their container and ate them all!!! The worst part about it, Hazel is the type of dog you can’t really “yell” at due to her PTSD. Just acting disappointed and shaking your head and huffin n puffin, she knows “oh shit I’m in trouble” and goes to her kennel or lays next to me trying to suck up like she’s doing now. 

If you raise your voice in our house (Nikki or me) she pees herself n shakes all over, I hate how her past human owners used her for the complete opposite of what this baby does, love! We’ve had her now for 4 years and she still can’t shake what those people did to her, breaks my heart but at the same time I’m like “you tortured my dog so bad,  I can’t even discipline her!” 

Joplin n Jynx are carefree today…and because of that, we need new blinds now….okay I will admit, the one blind that is broken off is from me doing so much “who the hell is coming up my driveway” type shit but the rest, is from the cats jumping hurdles between the blinds!! They’re getting so big now, they run a muck in this house! 

Other good news, Nikki and I won $50 this week! My work does an NFL pick and everyone at my office pitches in $5 a week and the winner gets the sum total of $50 if they pick the most teams to win. We got 10/12 correct, hahahhahaha! We beat every dude in the office, they’re so mad! The only teams we got wrong…I didn’t pick the Jaguars, that was unexpected and We didn’t pick the Texans. 

Hopefully my next week picks don’t let me down! 

Hope everyone is having a good Monday! I really need to start on these dishes and cleaning, lort be with me. SPEAKING OF LORT, Madea Halloween!!! I’m so excited!