Things you can find 

on my Pinterest! I’m really starting to become addicted and really want to share my boards with everyone. 

Here are alll the boards I have available on my Pinterest:

Makeup board with all Inspirational makeup, name brand and drug store makeup ideas. Products I love and want to try. 
I have an obsession with jewelry especially necklaces and rings. Here are all potential pieces of jewelry I’d want. 
I have wanderlust fever and constantly looking for new places to travel too. This is my list of every place I would travel if I had the money 😂. 
My Dream board. My Dream is to have a tiny house on wheels or a camper van remodeled into a tiny house and travel the world. This will happen one day.
A little yoga/meditation inspiration couldn’t kill ya. Learn some new yoga moves, how to keep your chakras aligned, and quotes to lead by. 
This board is simply for everyone with a mental health issue that needs a pick me up. Beautiful and inspiring quotes about mental health. 
My funny board, where all Humor can be found. I have a weird sense of humor so beware! Haha 
Bedroom Ideas all for my room. This is for when we move and i can make the room more “me” and turn into my relaxation spot. 
This board contains all tattoos that I will hopefully have in the future. 
All DIY projects in one board. Holidays, Gifts, Decor, etc. 
Thirstay Thursdays is a board dedicated to mix drinks and good alcoholic recipes.
This board is mainly anything I take in as art. 
Bedrooms Turned Relaxation Spot is my kind of “bedroom inspiration”. I love when people turn their bedrooms into a relaxation center, a place to reconnect with their inner self.
For all the wicked hair ideas I have and want, all in one board:) 
This board contains mainly everything i stumble upon that I really want to own. 
I’m not a dress wearing type of girl but doesn’t mean I don’t know cute dresses when I see one. This board is for all dresses I’d wear. 

This is my Marijuana board. Has funny stoner memes, statistics on how marijuana can help some users, and overall some nice nug shots. 
This board is for Social Anxiety / Anxiety and that’s it. Has some inspirational quotes, some funny quotes for people with anxiety, and some pick me ups! 
Inspirational quotes about life, is simply that. Everyone needs to take a moment and read some inspirational shit before feeling very inspired. This board can help. 
A board of all the clothing I own or clothes that I want. If I were rich, this would be my closet. 
I collect bongs, bowls, bubblers, gravities, etc. I like to see what kinds are out there! 
A board dedicated to all the TV shows that I’m highly addicted too. 
A board strictly about depression. Inspirational post, memes, stress leveling steps, more. 
A board strictly for Schizophrenia. Inspiration quotes, memes, topics to help understand further more about schizophrenia, audio clips and more. 
My obsession with Aliens. All conspiracy theories, alien artifacts, or anything conspiracy wise that I believe in, will be found here. 
When the day comes that I win the lottery or somehow get supper kardashian rich. This would be my want list. 
Since I work from home I need some office ideas for my tiny little office at home. This board has awesome ideas for organizing, decor and set up. 
All the country roads that bring you To my tiny little back woods town. All of these places I have been too. 
A board simply for inspirational quotes in songs. Songs that are my favorite, artists that are my favorite, etc. 
I don’t know about you but I love me some monthly subscriptions. This board includes tons of subscriptions you can check out for yourself! 

Things that will be nice to know down the long run. Whether it be how to jump a car or how to defrost windows. 
Not all of us are ok with visiting a doctor and taking prescribed drugs. Here is a board simply for herbal medications and remedies. 
Adult gifts for those hard to buy for adults in the faimly. Most of these are DIY projects as well! 
I still have yet to figure how to add my link onto WordPress from my cellphone. I’ll be sure to add that once I’m off work and can use computer for personal usage. 

For those of you who know very much about Pinterest you may be able to follow me by looking up some info so I’ll provide you with a photo of my page. If you’re unable to find me, please leave me a link or your name to search in the comments below. I’d love to see some of your guys’ ideas and comments on some of my pins! 

Can’t wait for this week to be over. This has been the most stressful 2 weeks of my life and it’s caused me to slack on Blogging. No more slacking, promise. 


First Makeup Product Review. 

I’ve been given the chance to do a makeup review on this new mascara. I’ll be honest, I was little iffy about this product at first just because of how cheap it was, $1 USD! 

It comes in a cute all black box with a pink cat outline and says “max volume mascara”. When I opened the box, I seen the top of the mascara and noticed it has cute little cat ears, the mascara tube was a cat itself as well. Of course it had an adorable pink bow tie to match with the pink lettering. When you first open the mascara cap, you can easily see there are so many spikes on the brush to catch all your eyelashes. 


These are my eyes before I did my mascara. Right here I only have primer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner on. 

After: Here is the after effect of this new mascara! I naturally have very long eye lashes and most mascaras clump them all together (even with an eyelash brush). This is the best mascara I have used in years, I’m not kidding. And yes, it was only $1 on (use the app, much easier). I will say, the mascara took about 3 weeks to get here, but it’s perfect! 

For the price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

The Quality: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Waterproof: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

*this is not a paid review. this is an honest review done by c at yourenotaloneinthisworld**

Product Reviews. 

Today I actually have a few product reviews to do! Which I’m pretty excited about!

  The first one is “Avon Eye Dimensions” in Neutral Haze. I was seriously impressed with this eye shadow. It goes on easily, and doesn’t come off until you clean your face. I purchased this off of myself since I am an Avon Representative, and coudlnt believe how it worked! This is not a cheaply made eye shadow! 
 Secondly, I got a “Crease Brush” from Avon. Also purchased off myself. I was not expecting a high quality brush for $4.99 but I was wrong! The only reason I’m throwing this into the product review is because I have a crease brush from Sephora, that does not compare to this Avon brush!!! $4.99 you can’t beat it!! 

  Thirdly, hands down the best tweezers I’ve used! They’re also from Avon and purchased through me. Definitely not a cheaply made tweezer! Gets those nasty little under skin hairs so easily!!! 
 Lastly for my Avon Bundle is “Avon Super Extend” liquid eyeliner. I’m obsessed with eye liner and constantly trying to find the best one! This is definitely going on my list of top 3! This eyeliner stays on for so long! Hard to smear, and easy to apply a straight line! I’m in love with this eyeliner!!! 

  Lastly is NYX “matte Lipstick” shade is a burnt purple/red. I hate lipstick and can never pull it off but NYX has amazing shades and matte lipstick!!

If you’d be interested in buying any of these products, let me know in the comments. Especially the Avon products, I can help sell the items to you and find you good deals. 

All of these reviews where done by me, no money was made off of these reviews. 



Today’s challenge: post something you’re proud of today. 

I honestly didn’t think I was going to do this today because I didn’t really know what I’d be proud of, and then I did my makeup. I’m so proud of my steady hand today and my eyeliner actually looks some what decent! Go me! Ignore the eyebrows, I’m still rocking the 90s brow, when it was cute to have skinny tiny eyebrows lol. Not by choice, fell asleep at a party about 4 years ago and someone shaved off my brows, it’s taking a little while to grow back completely lol.  

 If you’re one of those people that’s really good at eye makeup, I apologize, I know this isn’t up to standards, but it works for me:) haha. 


Reblogged, all my followers that are makeup lovers, go check out this new page!

Go check out this new blog on WordPress all about makeup and reviews on makeup.! 

I decided to post some of my favorite products all around. These are just random things ive picked up sometime this month with a few old favorites. Hope you enjoy. If you have any questions feel free to ask. The first i deciced to highlight id my new beauty blender. Im obessed. I use it […]

Best Christmas presents

So out of all the things I got for Christmas, I thought I’d share with everyone the best things I got and reviews, so maybe you can go check them out! 

I’m a huge candle girl, so first I’ll start with the candles 

  London Tea & Lemon from Bath and Body. This candle is literally the best smell, that’s why it’s in the main room of the house!  

 Me to We Malibu Sunrise. Bought from, and I love it! I didn’t expect for it to be so strong since it’s not that big of a candle. I literally only have to keep it lit for about 10 minutes and my entire house smells like it. Definitely recommended!  

 Black Teakwood by Bath and Body. These candles are $22.50 for one, but definitely worth the money! Each candle has 3 wicks, and they burn so slow! This smells a lot like men body wash, I keep it in the bathroom for about 5 minutes lit, and it’s perfect for hours. 

  Call of Duty Black Ops 3, seriously amazing! If you have an Xbox one and don’t have this game, get it!!! So much better than black ops 2, the only downside, Nuketown is never an option for multiplayer team death match or free for all. I was seriously looking forward to Nuketown. Another downfall, the headsets for Xbox 360 do not work for Xbox One.  

 Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Seriously amazing. I got the whole set, one mini perfume for traveling, one regular size perfume, and one hand lotion for $53.00. Personally, I think it’s definitely worth the money. I’ve used a lot of the mini perfume and it looks brand new still. This has to be one of my favorite perfumes:)  

 My nyx bag! My wonderful girlfriend got me this set from which I honestly had the worst buying experience from, ever. If you are someone who would like these nyx products I would try Walmart or target first. The NYX Wonderstick, is amazing and perfect for contouring, if you don’t have a bunch of money to spend and still want to have a nice contour look, try the Wonderstick for $11.00. NYX Matte Lipstick, is perfect for $6, but not if you’re use to wearing Mac matte, you will be disappointed. I loved it tho because I’m not big into lipstick so this was my first time wearing it, I thought it was amazing. Nyx eyeliner, paid $3.50, and it’s definitely worth more than that!  

 Last because it’s simply my favorite. A teddy bear made from my grandmas clothing. I will never loose this, it’s a little piece of grandma that I’ll forever have. 

If you have any products similar and think I should give them a try, let me know in the comments!!