Liebster Award Again:)

I was nominated for the Liebster Award again:) Thank You Anxiety In NYC for the nomination:)


  1. Thank the person who nominated you:)
  2. Answer the 11 questions they provided for you.
  3. Nominate 5-11 people who have less than 1,000 followers.
  4. Ask nominees 11 questions and let them know you’ve nominated them.

I’m only going to be nominating four people since I’ve already done this award and nominated 11 others on a previous post:)

  1. Anxiouspenquin
  2. alucardeverlasting
  3. Eden No More
  4. She Rants of Sz

Here are my 11 Answers to the questions Anxiety in NYC asked me:)

  1. What is something you are looking forward to right now? Right now I’m looking forward to my fiance to get home from work. 
  2. What is your favorite type of food? Japanese.
  3. Who do you want to win the Super Bowl, if you care? Um, of course I care! DENVER BRONCOS! This is a Denver Bronco household:)
  4. Do you have a favorite actor/actress? No really, as long as they’re funny, I’ll enjoy watching them. 
  5. Choose a super power: Invisibility, Read Minds, Mind Control. Definitely gonna have to pick invisibility:) 
  6. Are you having a good day? It’s alright.
  7. If you could bring one book on a deserted island with you, what would it be? “It’s Kind of A Funny Story”
  8. What is something that always puts a smile on your face? My beautiful girlfriend, my amazing dog, and weed. 
  9. What is one thing that you struggle with when writing your blog? I always think I’m repeating myself post after post. lol. 
  10. Favorite late night talk show host? ummmmm….I use to love Chelsea Lately but idk if she is even on anymore. I’m not too big into television, just netflix lol. 
  11. Any Netflix recommendations? Of course! “Izombie”,”Znation”, “The 100”, “OITNB”, “Making A Murderer”, “Once Upon a Time.”

Here are my 11 questions for the nominees to answer if you feel like it:)

  1. How is your day going so far?
  2. Where’s your happy place?
  3. Any blogs that you’d recommend me to follow?
  4. How many animals do you have, what are they?
  5. What country do you live in?
  6. Favorite Childhood Memory?
  7. When’s your birthday and how old are you turning?
  8. Quick! What’s behind you!?
  9. Do you believe in life on other planets?
  10. Favorite Hobby?
  11. Biggest Fear Overall?

Remember if I nominated you, you don’t have to do the nomination. If you do though, let me know so I can take a look at your answers!