November Photo A Day Challenge! 

Sorry for being late getting on today, some shit went down and couldn’t get on until now. I’ll be posting a lot tomorrow since I’ll be home most of the day-night by myself n will be bored lol. 

Anyway, today’s challenge of the day is Warm. Well I’m going to take pictures I’ve gathered from the Internet and use those as what I picture warm. 

Blankies, a book and a hot tea, yes please. Hot Coffee:) warms the soul.   Cozy cabin with a wood fire burning, yess.warm bath, yes please it’s been life since we only have a standing shower. 
So this is what I think of when I hear the word “warm”, what do you think of? 

-**all pictures taken from Pinterest using search words “warm, cabin, and coffee”**-


Today’s challenge the 21st: “Flip Flops/ Sandals”: 
Emonk Sandals! Ah I so want a pair of these so badly! 

My favorite shoe for the summer? ✌🏽️🤘🏼🖖🏽

Barefoot Sandals:) 

May Photo A Day Challege: Day 9! 

Today’s challenge: “Design“! 

I love the Country Design! My moms house is what pictures I’ll be using today since she has that design in her house. 

Living Room TV Stand with country tinsel. 
The coffee tables. The first coffee table has a mug candle (her Mother’s Day present this year) and a mothers poem (her Mother’s Day gift last year). 

More of the living room. The coffee table is old country stuff. 

The country ladder. 

In memory of my grandmother, her quilt she made. 

The kitchen. 

Bathrom decor. 

DThis is an old ladder she turned into a shelf. 

Her shower curtain. 

Guest bedroom all countrified! 


April Photo A Day Challenge: Day 23! 

Today’s challenge: “Your Weekend”. 

Friday: first we went to my moms, played with her dog Minaj (pictured above). Helped her with some stuff, and chatted for a while. 

Aand then we went to our best friends for a little shindig at the abandoned house next to his parents. No, we can’t get in trouble for being there. It’s his property, just abandoned with no running water or electric. 

My Saturday So Far: 

II’m Working today 7am-8pm! 


April Photo A Day Challenge: Day 17! 

  Today’s challenge is: “Fav Actress/Actor”! 
Since I watch ALOT of movies and tv shows, I’m probably going to have more than one! 

My favorite Actesses

Jennifer Lawrence, just because she’s hysterical and seems like a really legit person in real life!  

Rosie Perez, she plays in two of my favorite movies, “Pineapple Express”, and “White Men Can’t Jump”. She’s an amazing actress in both movies and always plays a badass chick!  

Michelle Rodriguez, she plays in “Avatar”, “Furious 7”, “Resident Evil”, “S.W.A.T” and many more! She’s always a kick ass soldier or playing a kick ass role! 

Favorite Actors

Hands down number one, Jim Carey! Definitely my favorite actor when it comes to comedy! I’ve been watching him since I was a toddler, always can make me laugh!! 

Seth Rogen, also plays in my favorite movie “Pineapple Express”. He’s absolutely hysterical. 

Jonah Hill, plays in the best movie ever “SuperBad”. Hands down hysterical, and also can play some serious roles!   


April Photo A Day Challenge: day 13!! 

  Today’s challenge: “Currently Watching”
Right now I’m currently watching “Once Upon A Time” season 5, this is episode 12. I took these screen shots while watching the episode on my phone via “abc watch”. 

   Hands down one of my fav characters, Rumple! 
This picture vvvv came from google images for season 5 cover. 

Are you a Once Upon A Time fan? If so, who’s your favorite character and what season are you on? 



April Photo A Day Challenge: Day 12 

  Today’s challenge: “weather”. 
  Today it’s 54 and sunny. Nice hoodie and jeans weather. 

Nikki (my fiancé) and I are taking our Hazel (our dog) for a walk! 

I’ll post pictures after our walk! 

Hope everyone is having a good day! 

I will be posting a few tags and challenges today, later:) 



Late: April Photo A Day Challenge: Day 11! 

I so thought this posted yesterday, lol, it did not! So this is yesterday’s post, sorry for the confusion!   Today’s challenge: “Candy!”

  I freaking love sour patch kids and Junior mints:) also the cheddar white popcorn is bomb, don’t know if that’s candy tho lol.
  My favorite thing from Pages, Cotton Candy Kids Cream! I hate cotton candy on a stick, but love this stuff!