What is Going on Anymore.

Yesterday I woke up to videos of children lying in the streets of Syria gasping for their life. Today I watch as our government sends air missiles over to Syria…solving problems? I’d say no…

Today, I open up my SnapChat and start going through stories and news feeds. I see “Suicide Prank Turns Fatal; boy, 11, kills himself after ‘his 13-year-old girlfriend faked her death in tragic online hoax”

I immediately gasped and scrolled up to read more. This young boy, 11 years old was dating a girl 13 years old. She seriously made him believe she committed suicide, created fake pages of “friends” mourning her death, the full works. Tysen Benz, the 11-year-old of Michigan, attempted suicide on March 14th by hanging himself. He has been in the hospital on life support since then, until his death on Tuesday in Ann Arbor.

My first thought, are you fucking kidding me? When has suicide become a fucking prank? What the fuck is wrong with this world today!

11? 11 fucking years old and his life is over? Over because of a prank!? I couldn’t imagine what this boys’ family is going through.  I swear I’ll sign every fucking petition I need to sign to see that little 13-year-old girl sent somewhere. Detention Centers wouldn’t even know how to handle this, she technically didn’t kill someone, but how could you live with yourself?!

Apparently, Benz (11-year-old) even told his GF he was going to commit suicide to be with her, why didn’t she come clean? I mean, he thought she was dead so he probably didn’t think she’d ever read the message, but you know she did! Why didn’t she pick up the phone and call his mother or the police?

Please, do not prank about this shit. This family is in my thoughts, along with every family in Syria. I won’t understand why Trump would keep Syrian Refugees out of America? Makes no

This family is in my thoughts, along with every family in Syria. I won’t understand why Trump would keep Syrian Refugees out of America? Makes no sense…

Reblogged: “When The Bluebird Sings” (Trigger Warning -Suicide)

Originally posted by A Journey With You, if you’re not already, please go follow her blog! 

I came across her post today and had to share it. For someone who suffers from a Schizophrenia, I could relate to this post so much, it also made me even shed a tear. 

Please take the time if you or you know someone who suffers with Schizophrenia, I promise it is worth the read! 

“The bluebird is a messenger of the Divine. They fly side by side with angels. (From Universe of Symbolism) I just hung up the phone from talking to my brother. One of his friend’s, daughter also had schizophrenia. Sing me a song bluebird. I say had, because she found a gun, found the cartridge, put […]


Whoever may need this…

  Click here for more information on this suicide prevention life line. 

Click here for a list of states that you can click and find a number for different kinds of reasons to call, suicide, abuse, sexual assault, etc. 
please please please don’t hesitate to call a suicide hotline if you’re not feeling well or don’t trust yourself at the moment. 

If you’re not in the United States here are some links for other places. 

UK- Click here

Australia- Click here

China- Click here

Philippines- Click here 

Germany- Click here

Canada- Click here

Other- Click here