July Fashion💜

Like I said I’m starting new things. I got so many short stories to post, new challenges to post, and a new things I’ll be doing every month. My random buys for the month that I want to buy, posted previously, my fashion for that month and what I’m wanting to buy/wear. And also the Diy projects I’ll be working on for said month (next post)! 

July Fashion! I either want these or have some already!

I’ve been looking for these shorts for a while! I think I’ll have to look on Etsy! Same with these shorts! 
These shorts as well, I’ve looked on Anthropologie, PacSun, all kinds of places! 

This belt I have found! Just gotta save up for it!

This amazing jacket! Wish my grandma was still a live, I kno she could make this easily! Time to start learning! 

I’ve been wanting these Peacock print pants for ever and every time I see them on Etsy they’re sold out! I have multiple pairs but no peacock print!! 

Those this shirt fit me perfectly lol! 

Really starting to love these Grace in LA jeans! The detail and color 💙💚💜!! 

This dress would have been perfect for the beach. Found one similar on Anthropologie but for hundreds of dollars:( ah love this! Found on etsy! I’m usually not into this kind of style but omg her pants! 
Last but not least, can’t forgot the shoes that caught my eye this month! 

Doc Martens! Roll down flowe print:) 

These beautiful fall boho beaded boots that fold down as well. 

These amazing high top vans! Never can turn down a pair of vans! 

See anything you like? Let me know in comments below! See anything that I can’t find?! And no where to buy it! Also let me know!