long time no write…

Hello to whoever is reading this! I’m writing this to explain why I haven’t been writing like at all lately. I’m currently in the process of upgrading my WordPress account so I’m able to write more and add more photos/vidoes.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten pretty active with social media and I’d love to have ya’ll follow me on any social media you might have! So, come see what I’ve been up to!!

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Lend Me Some Advice?

So, I’m guessing I’ve posted a lot of media on my WordPress as it’s not longer allowing me to make posts until I delete older ones! I reallllyyyy don’t want to delete my old postings, especially cause I like to look back and see how much shit has changed since then. At the same time, I do not want to make a new WordPress and loose all my awesome followers!


So, give me some advice, what should I do? Say screw it and start deleting older posts, or just screw it and make a new blog?

In other news, our YouTube page is up and running. There are no vlogs on there just yet, still working up the nerve to do it honestly. There are only videos on there that can be found on my Snapchat lol. Our Cannabox Review will be on there and so will our skydiving experience!

Our Channel.

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N is for Nichole

Nichole, img_5946

You’re the most amazing person I have ever met in my entire life. I don’t care how far I could travel, I’d never meet another girl like you, and that I’m positive about.

You found me at one of my lowest points in my life and you did something I thought was impossible, you made me happy. You made me feel that I had a purpose. You taught me what the hell self-respect was and how much I deserved it. You made me feel happiness I never felt before.

You’re my rock, I seriously need you when it comes to certain things in life. I couldn’t imagine having a panic attack and you’re not by my side. I couldn’t imagine having a bad day at work and you’re not there to make it better. I couldn’t imagine being someone else’s, or you being someone else’s.

I went 18 years without you and I never want to do it again. You’ve watched me become a more strong and independent woman and I owe a lot of it to you.

You’re the most amazing fiance, best friend, soul mate that anyone could ever dream of having.

We got that shit you see in fairy tales girl, you know we do:)

5 years strong this year, and I can’t wait for 80 more.

M is for Marijuana

The one medication I don’t mind taking. The one that actually feels it helps with my anxiety and opens me up to feel more comfortable around strangers. I’ve been smoking Marijuana for over 6 years straight now and I’m sure people think I’m “burnt out”. I’ll admit, I’ve lost some brain cells LMFAO, but I’m 100% more myself when “on” Marijuana.

Are you one of those people that don’t understand how Marijuana can help certain people, health wise? Two words, Charlotte’s Web. Please please please look this strain of Marijuana up. It’s a special strain made specifically for a little girl name Charlotte.  I won’t speak much about it, but I beg you to look it up.

Do you smoke Marijuana to help with certain Mental Health Problems that you may have? I know I sure as hell do and I stand up for it, I’m a proud stoner. It’s a lifestyle and if you can’t handle living a normal functioning life while being a pothead, then good luck.

If you look at Marijuana as you do Crack or Heroin, I apologize for how you must look at me.

Do ya research, it helps me and I know it helps many many people around the world.

My First Monthly Subscription!

So, yesterday I ordered my first monthly subscription and I’m super stoked about getting it in the mail:) I’ll have a product review and unboxing reveal on my youtube and will be sure to leave a link for ya’ll to check it out! Would you guys like for me to do an unboxing reveal on WordPress as well?!

Let me know in the comments below!

Check out: Cannabox, my first subscription for April will be here soon:)

H is for Hate

We live in a world that is full of Hate. We’re all guilty of “hating” something in our life, whether it’s a type of food, brand of makeup, the way humans live, the way our government doesn’t tell us things, etc.

Hate is one of the strongest words you can use to describe your feeling toward a certain thing. One thing I do not understand is how as a human being you can Hate another human being for something they can not control.

How can you Hate a certain race? That’s just stupidity to me.

How can you Hate a person because they’re in love with the same sex? That’s just selfishness to me.

How can you Hate someone that feels they’ve been trapped in the wrong body their whole life? That’s just fucked up.

Would you want someone to Hate on the things you do in your daily life, just because they don’t agree with it? Didn’t think so. If that’s the way this world is going to continue to run, we can kiss Love goodbye because soon Hate is what all is going to be left.

Refuse to Hate. Love one another for fuck sakes. 

L is for leaning 

Ever since I was a kid,

I’ve always needed

that extra crutch,

someone to lean on.

No matter

where I went,

that someone has to be there,

they understand.

They know what to do

if I were to have a panic attack

and can’t move.

So if I’m without them,

do I pursue what I want to do?


When I’ll have only myself to lean on,

that’s far from enough.


I’m about to log off of work and get ready to get picked up by my dad to go run a few errands. I’ve felt pretty good today and this morning, and now I’m just slowly feeling the depression creep up on me. I feel the sadness in my stomach like I just received life changing news. I can feel the tears backing up behind my eyes getting ready to burst out and roll down my cheek. I can tell my facial emotions have died and it’s more of a blank stare on my face as I type this. I’ve taken my meds today, that’s not the issue so please don’t ask me.

Nothing “bad” has happened today, literally, nothing could be making me sad right now but I just want to cry.  I hate days like this, one minute I’m fantastic and the second I feel like my whole world is crashing down. I’m not depressed, but I can feel it coming, it’s only a matter of time, lol?

The voices are here today, they’ve been pretty calm until about the past twenty minutes. I’ve turned on my music and surround sound, trying to just keep my mind busy a little bit in-between emails with work.

I think it’s just the fact that life seems to be at a standstill right now. Things look up and then look down right away again. I hate that I live somewhere that has no opportunities for people, children, teens, elders, no one. I finally got full time at work after trying so hard for it for a year, just to get back down to part time. It lasted not even 2 months…they needed someone in the office, and I totally understand that. It just sucks because I love this job and I feel I’m kicking ass at it, but I feel I’ll never get anywhere in this position as well.

I’m all over the place, looking at my future and how it seems impossible to get where I want to be. Days like today are just hard, and they get harder each time it feels like. Just tired of it I suppose.

Well, I have about 30 minutes left of work and then I’m off for the day. I’ll be sure to read through my reader before logging off. Hope everyone has a nice day.

G is for Greatful.

When suffering from a mental health, you’ll tend to find out who your true friends are. With my social anxiety, it’s caused me to go through friends pretty quickly, most people want friends that want to go out and do stuff, then there’s me. I enjoy having friends to come over and hang out at the house, occasionally getting out and doing something. With my Depression, friends always seem to never really understand and thinks that I can just “get over it” and “move on”. Leading to me explaining they don’t understand, and usually leads to having no friends.

When you’re capable of doing things, people seem to flock around you. But yet, when you’re needing a friend the most, they seem to disappear and not be bothered with your “head issues”.

I will say, I’ve lost a lot of friends due to my Mental Health.

Gratefully, I have some amazing people in my life that have yet to give up on me. That are constantly by my side no matter what, there to listen, no matter how many times they’ve heard the same sad story of my voices.

I couldn’t imagine dating/living with someone that has the Mental Health Issues that I have. I couldn’t imagine trying to understand when someone is rambling on about voices inside their head.

I’m greatful for my Fiance for always being there, even through the worst days. She has stuck beside me since day one of telling her I had Schizophrenia/Depression/Anxiety. I’m greatful to have a fiance that will walk in to a million stores by herself as her fiance sits in the car waiting for her. I’m greatful to have a family that understands sometimes, I can’t go places. I’m greatful for Nikki’s mom trying to her hardest to understand and all the times I bailed on dinners with her, she understood.

I’m grateful to have a family that understands sometimes, I can’t go places.

I’m grateful for Nikki’s mom trying her hardest to understand and all the times I bailed on dinners with her, she understood.

I’m grateful for the people I do have in my life that try their damnest to understand my problems. I’m greatful for a mother that was determined to get me the help I needed. I’m greatful for the job that I have and the fact I’ve kept it for over a year, this is a huge achievemnet for me with my anxiety.

I’m grateful for a mother that was determined to get me the help I needed.

I’m grateful for the job that I have and the fact I’ve kept it for over a year, this is a huge achievement for me with my anxiety.

So, what are you grateful for? Am I the only one that thinks it should be spelled Greatful? Like I know it’s The Grateful Dead but stilllll it just doesn’t look right to me lmfao .

What is Going on Anymore.

Yesterday I woke up to videos of children lying in the streets of Syria gasping for their life. Today I watch as our government sends air missiles over to Syria…solving problems? I’d say no…

Today, I open up my SnapChat and start going through stories and news feeds. I see “Suicide Prank Turns Fatal; boy, 11, kills himself after ‘his 13-year-old girlfriend faked her death in tragic online hoax”

I immediately gasped and scrolled up to read more. This young boy, 11 years old was dating a girl 13 years old. She seriously made him believe she committed suicide, created fake pages of “friends” mourning her death, the full works. Tysen Benz, the 11-year-old of Michigan, attempted suicide on March 14th by hanging himself. He has been in the hospital on life support since then, until his death on Tuesday in Ann Arbor.

My first thought, are you fucking kidding me? When has suicide become a fucking prank? What the fuck is wrong with this world today!

11? 11 fucking years old and his life is over? Over because of a prank!? I couldn’t imagine what this boys’ family is going through.  I swear I’ll sign every fucking petition I need to sign to see that little 13-year-old girl sent somewhere. Detention Centers wouldn’t even know how to handle this, she technically didn’t kill someone, but how could you live with yourself?!

Apparently, Benz (11-year-old) even told his GF he was going to commit suicide to be with her, why didn’t she come clean? I mean, he thought she was dead so he probably didn’t think she’d ever read the message, but you know she did! Why didn’t she pick up the phone and call his mother or the police?

Please, do not prank about this shit. This family is in my thoughts, along with every family in Syria. I won’t understand why Trump would keep Syrian Refugees out of America? Makes no

This family is in my thoughts, along with every family in Syria. I won’t understand why Trump would keep Syrian Refugees out of America? Makes no sense…